Hannah is not your average 20 year old. She has long brown hair with bright green eyes and is extremely short. Like 4' 11" short. She is a shopacholic Instigram famous and lives with her parents but her parents don't like who she has become and decide to send her to the Renaissance Faire while it is in town. She is forced to stay with her mom's friends son, Zayn, and work at his shop at the faire.


9. Chapter 9

I followed Zayn upstairs and we both got ready for the bon fire. He wore simple black skinny jeans with a white shirt that said 'Cool Kids Don't Dance' and a black leather jacket with a black beanie.

I dug through my clothes and decided on my black skinny jeans with my stripped crop top and my leather jacket. For my shoes I just threw on my black Vans. 

I finished getting dressed and took my straightener downstairs and plugged it in waiting for it to warm up before giving it some touch ups that were needed here and there.

I finished that and walked back upstairs grabbing my makeup back and fixing my makeup. For some reason I was starting to get back into my old makeup that I would do. I don't care. I like both ways.

When we were both ready to go, we left the shop going out the back door and walked to where the bon fire was. The walk was only about a five minute walk and it was exactly how the car rides were. Silent and awkward.

There was only about 5 people there when we got there. Four of the people I didn't know but I defiantly knew the fifth person. She was Zayn's little blond girl friend and he went and sat with her immediately and left me to find a place to sit by myself.

There weren't any places left to actually sit so I walked over to a bench that was set away from the group and just watched them. I am getting ted to this being alone thing. As much as am used to being alone, I don't like it.

I was about to head back to the shop but as I stood up Niall came and stepped in from of me.

"Going somewhere?" he asked smiling down at me.

"I was gonna go back to the shop," I laughed.

"But I just got here!"

"I have been here for about 20 minutes," I said sitting back down on the bench.

"Yeah, sorry about that… I got caught up cleaning up my shop-"

"You have a shop?"

"Well, not really a shop. More of stage. I'm the fire juggler-"

"No way!"

"Yes way!" he said sitting next to me.

"That's actually pretty awesome."

"I mean, I guess. It gets old after awhile. I do the same exact act every time like 9 or 10 times a day. Sometimes even more if I finish a show early. The only thing that changes is the people."

"I mean I would much rather do that than stand behind a register with Zayn all day."

"You don't like Zayn?"

"No, it's not like I don't like him. I just don't like the fact that I am stuck here which I guess I am blaming him- it really doesn't help that he cn be a complete and total as to me."


"Excessively flirting with blondie over there and making his smart ass remarks mostly."

"You mean Shannon?"

"Is she the blond he is flirting with?"

"Yeah," he laughed. "He hostly doesn't find her attractive at all. I bet you anything he is just 'flirting' with her to piss you off."

"Why would he wanna piss me off?"

"He is attracted to you-"

"He doesn't even know me?"

"But he does."


"You two used to play together when your two's parents would hang out. Eventually you apparently stopped going over when you were about 15 or 16-"

"But I would still remember him?"

"Apparently you started ignoring him when you were about 13. WOuld listen to music when you would go over there and so he stopped trying to interact with you. I can see why you would forget."

"But how would you know?"

"Zayn and I have been very good friends since we were about 10. I guess you could say we are best friends."

"If you two are best friends and yo know he finds me attractive, then why are you flirting with me?"

"Nobody said we had to flirt with each other. I personally find you attractive but I don't know if I would take us any further then maybe an occasional flirt."

I sat for a minute and pondered what he was saying. Then I started smiling, "Wanna mess with Zayn?"

"What do you mean?"

"Pretend we like each other and mess with him-"

"I don't know- he is my best friend-"

"We would only do it for like a day or two until he snaps and say something," I laughed.

He thought about what I was saying for a minute then smiled and nodded his head, "But first tell me something, honestly."

"Okay, what?"

"What are your honest feelings for Zayn?"

I looked down at my hands and stopped smiling, "I honestly don't know- I have known him for years, yes, but I don't remember him and I have only spent two and a half days with him. That's not enough to know how you really feel about a guy-"

"But what do you think of him?"

"He can be a great guy when he wants to but when he is in a pissy mood he is a dick and what-not but I guess you could say I kinda like him-"

"Good, now lets go mess with him."


"Walk past the bon fire holding hands and walk towards my shop. He will immediately think the worst. Trust me it will be funny. You can sleep on the futon bed and I can sleep on the pull out couch in my upstairs area."

"You are?"

"Defiantly. It will be great-"

"But what if he asks what we did?"

"Tell him it's none of his business."

*Zayn's P.O.V*

I was sitting with Shannon around the fire talking about the most stupid shit. I can honestly say she is really boring. I was about to excuse myself and ask Hannah if she wanted to go back to the shop and go to bed or something but when I turned around I saw her and Niall standing up, holding hands and walking past us towards his shop- What!?

I stared at them wide eyed and Shannon seemed to notice because she began to clear her throat. I rolled my eyes at both Niall and Hannah and Shannon but I turned back towards her and acted as if I hadn't seen what I just seen.

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