Hannah is not your average 20 year old. She has long brown hair with bright green eyes and is extremely short. Like 4' 11" short. She is a shopacholic Instigram famous and lives with her parents but her parents don't like who she has become and decide to send her to the Renaissance Faire while it is in town. She is forced to stay with her mom's friends son, Zayn, and work at his shop at the faire.


22. Chapter 22

Its bee two days now that we have all been in America and we live in an R.V. I'm not complaining though. It's small and a tad hare cramped but totally worth it.

We are currently in Texas for the faire that is starting in a month and it is just absolutely dreadful! The weather is just so hot and unbearable and none of us like it! We all want out weather that most Americans would call yucky. We want our rainy days that are 50 or 60 degrees at the most. in England, no matter where you are, 70 and up os hot for us.

I have to admit, the plane ride here was terrible as well. I was sick most of the time. I could;t help but throw up every hour and Zayn had to hold my hair back for me while Niall stayed where he was trying to to get sick from thinking about me getting sick. Yeah, he is one of those people who will get sick when he see's someone getting sick or thinks about it happening in the next room. i am one of those people too which is probably why I threw up more then I should have. I kept thinking about it and I went through a whole little toothpaste tube because I brushed my teeth like 10 times in only like 20 hours.

The weird part about the plane ride was I only wanted to be with Zayn too. Like I wanted him and it made things really awkward because Niall was there and I kept getting sick. The first few hours of the plane ride were fine and so were the last few but not the time in-between those times. The worst part was Zayn could sense the lust I had for him the whole time and he wanted me just as bad. Thank god Niall slept most of the time or when he was awake, if he did notice, he didn't say anything. 

Whenever Niall was asleep or not paying attention I would be all over Zayn. I couldn't help it! He is just so perfect! What has made things even more awkward is that when we arrived in America, we had to but the RV and move into it but Niall was living in the RV along with us. Even though he is in the room on the opposite end of the bus and me and Zayn have the master bedroom, we can't really do anything because Niall and also because of me. I am not quiet whilst having sex one bit.


When we got our shop for the faire in Texas, it was a mess. So much needed to be done in so little time. It wan't even a shop. It was honestly just three walls. Technically eight because it was a long shop with a wall down the middle with a door to connect the two half rooms. There wasn't a fourth wall on the two rooms. There was three and then a giant opening for people to just walk in. At night when the shop is closed, there is a gate that goes all the way across the two attached rooms with a curtain to keep people out. The curtain is for privacy though.

Zayn was frustrated that we had to do so much for this shop but I had an idea that Niall could help me with. Something to help us make more money.

I have always been into making in-scents and making art and I know if I can make them and sell them, we could make two times the money we will be making already. All I have to do is talk to Niall about it. If he agrees to help me then all he will need to do is go with me get the things to make them. We could tell Zayn that we are going to get food. He will give me his credit card for food and we will use that to actually get food because we do need it and we could use my money that I have been saving up from when I would get paid fir working for Zayn- though technically I never worked for him, I more or less just stood there and loaded "pretty" for the customers. If Niall agrees to help me with this then we can surprise him. I mean, I want to have a part in this as well.

Though Zayn isn't the smartest man in the whole ward, he is still very smart and he can tell when things are going on. If I act like something is going on then he will catch on to the fact that we are going to get supplies to make in-scents as well.

Knowing Zayn, he would tell me to use his money if he knew but I don't wanna use his money because he needs it to support his dream. If I keep this a secret till I get back with the stuff then he can't get mad at me if I explain to his why I did what I did. I want him to follow his faire dream, I might have become his new dream but he still has other dreams to follow as well. My dream is to keep him for as long as I live and I plan on doing that but I also want t live out his dreams with him and I want him to live out mine with me. I want him to be by my side till the very end.

I want to help support Zayn's dream as well. I have a master plan for all this stuff too. If I can set aside some money from each sale profit I make each weekend for him without him knowing then I can help him with his dream more than he will think. I also know how much he wants a dog or two and I want to get him one. He would never just outright get one because he doesn't like to buy things for himself. That doesn't change the fact that I will get him a dog. I know it's something he really wants and I love dogs as well so I can get him one when I have the money to get him one.

There are so many things I just want to do for him and even if he doesn't feel the same exact way, I know he feels sort of the same way. I know that he would do anything for me and I know that I would do anything for him. I truly believe that for every person there is another to complete them.

I would give my life away if I knew that it would keeps Zayn alive and well. I just want him to be happy. I know that deep down he would do the same for me. If Zayn needed a liver and I was able to give him mine- I would do it. I would do anything for that man and he needs to know that.

I have been trying to figure out how to tell him exactly how I feel about him but we have been so busy these past few days. Right now I am folding up our laundry that we just had to have washed and putting it away while Zayn is out in the kitchen area trying to figure out what all we need to do for the shop. 

We act as if we are a married couple but without the fighting. I mean yeah we get into our stupid little bickerment's but we always et over it. As soon as one of us starts laughing we both know the bickering is done with. We can never take the stupid fights seriously because we both know we honestly have nothing to fight over.


As I fold up and put away our laundry that will fit in the little drawers at the bottom of the closet, I can't help but keep peeking out at Zayn. He was leaning against the counter drinking a Coke and reading over the list of things to do and he just looked so damn perfect. His hair was a mess but I loved it.

I chuckled to myself and continued to put the clothes away. My little closet was completely full of my clothes and shoes and so was Zayn's. Yeah, we have a ton of clothes.

I sighed to myself and flung myself onto the bed making Zayn look over at me. He looked back at Niall's room to see if he was there and when he wasn't he smiled and set his soda and the list down and came to the back bedroom and crawled over top one me.

"You ready for all this?" he asked still smiling.

I smiled back at him, "I think I am as ready as I will ever be!"

"Good because I can't wait to start this whole new journey with you by my side the whole time."




I hope you guys liked it!! That was the very last chapter for this story! And omg it's on the popular page!!! I am literally freaking out right now!! I am most likely going to make a sequel to this! :) I will post to this story telling you guys what it will be called! :) Please keep up the likes and stuff though! :) I am super excited! I hope you liked! :) <3 I love you all!!!

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