Hannah is not your average 20 year old. She has long brown hair with bright green eyes and is extremely short. Like 4' 11" short. She is a shopacholic Instigram famous and lives with her parents but her parents don't like who she has become and decide to send her to the Renaissance Faire while it is in town. She is forced to stay with her mom's friends son, Zayn, and work at his shop at the faire.


2. Chapter 2

I don't know exactly what I'll need, so I just packed whatever. The clothes I need fit into the two large suitcases and my shoes and makeup fit nicely into a few of my duffel bags I had. I have a bag for my laptop so I can easily put my tablet and chargers in there.

When I was finished packing, I had two dufel bags, three duffel bags and my laptop bag. I hope this guy has enough room for all my stuff cause I have a lot of it.

It was about four now and since I didn't have anything for an hours and a half, I might as well just get my iPad out and dick around on it till it was time to go.

I got up from the middle of my bed and over to where al my crap was and grabbed my iPad from the bag it was in then went back and sat on my bed. I unlocked it and went to my Twitter.

'Getting sent to a hell hole. Wish me luck. #saveme #hellhole #bullshit'

Within a few minutes, I had tons of people tweeting me back asking where I had to go and why and things like that. I decided not to tell the quite yet. I will just let them wonder for a little bit.

After twitter I decided to go onto my Facebook. I'm literally never on here anymore because it's just so boring- Maybe this Zayn guy is on Facebook? Do I really care? I mean I have seen old pictures of him at his moms house but they were from when he was like 15 and 16. He wasn't bad looking in them but I would defiantly never wanna hang out with him. I'm more into the guys with tattoo's and piercings and the type of people most people don't accept. Like me.

I wouldn't say I'm not accepted, cause I am, but I dress in a manner that most people don't like and I normally wear a lot of eye liner and mascara I haven't been wearing as much lately because I haven't left the house except to go to the mall or something.

I decided against looking to see if he had a Facebook and just decided to update mine instead. I changed my profile picture, updated my cover photo and just posted random pictures of me. By the time I was done, it was 5:20 and my parents had begun taking my stuff down to the car.

I put my iPad in my laptop bag and grabbed my purse heading out to the car and waited for my mom and dad. When they were in the car, there was an awkward silence so I took out my iPod from my purse and listened to my music.

The car ride, even with music, was awkward because my dad kept looking back at me through the mirror and my mom kept turning back to look at me. At least my dad wasn't making it so damn obvious.

"Can you stop looking back at me?" I grumbled taking my earbuds out. "Why do you keep on looking back at me anyways?"

"Just to see if you are okay," my mom said quietly.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, cause I am defiantly 100% fine when my parents are sending me off to live at some strangers work for two months. I'm perfectly fine."

My parent's didn't say anything after that because they knew what they were doing was completely stupid.

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