Hannah is not your average 20 year old. She has long brown hair with bright green eyes and is extremely short. Like 4' 11" short. She is a shopacholic Instigram famous and lives with her parents but her parents don't like who she has become and decide to send her to the Renaissance Faire while it is in town. She is forced to stay with her mom's friends son, Zayn, and work at his shop at the faire.


15. Chapter 15

The next morning I woke up and Zayn wasn't anywhere to be found? He wasn't upstairs or downstairs. Where could he be?

I grabbed my phone off the charger and called Niall.

"Hello?" he said answering the phone after just a few rings.

"Hey, have you seen Zayn anywhere?" I asked trying to not sound so worried- why am I worried?

"No, but I know he is spending the day with Shannon-"



"Why would he go spend the day with Shannon if he doesn't care?"

"He might be starting to care? I don't know. Are you jealous or something?"

"HAHA no. He doesn't care so I'm not going to care-"

"You know damn well he does care and it's just a lot more than you care to admit."

"Yeah, well, there is no reason for him to care."

"Did you two get into a fight or soothing?"

"I don't know. I mean we got into a disagreement when he said he was going to Shannon's yesterday to paint and I decided that I am no longer going to care-"

"Now why in the hell would you do that?"

"I don't have to be treated like this Niall. I am nobodies second choice and I am going to make that very clear to him."

"Whatever. It's not my love life. But if you want, since Zayn won't be there all day, you could meet me in the maze? Me and a few other guys are all going to play Fluffy Bunny and just have a bunch of random fun today."

"Yeah, I guess that's fine. When do you want me up at the maze?"

"Just meet me up there in like 30 minutes."

"Okay cool. Bye."

"Bye." I said hanging up my phone and put it on the nightstand.

I got up from the bed and picked out clothes to wear then did my makeup and straightened my hair. My clothes consisted of my jean shorts with a big grey loose top and a checkered overskirt that can button up in the front if I decided to but I didn't and just left it open. I grabbed my combat boots and threw them on before applying my old style of makeup that I used to do and left. I decided to leave my hair the way it was because I was already running late to meet up with Niall and his friends.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Me and my friends waited for Hannah to get to the maze for about 10 minutes before she finally showed.

When she showed up I didn't recognize her…

"Hannah?" I asked as she walked up to us.

"The one and only," she smiled giving me a hug.

"When did you get all pierced up?" I asked pulling back from the hug.

"Years ago but I took them out a few months ago but I decided I wanted them back in. So, who are these two?"

"Oh- duh," I laughed. "This is TJ and this is Anthony." I said pointing to my two friends.

"Nice to meet you," she said going and shaking their hands.

*Hannah's P.O.V*

Me and the guys had so much fun! We played Fluffy Bunny for like an hour and of course Niall won that. I could only fit lie four giant marshmallows in my mouth.

After that be warn around the area of the fair we were in and played Hide-n-Seek, yeah I know lame but it was actually kind of fun playing. I was actually the winner but it was probably because I was the smallest person there and could easily fit in to small spaces that the guys couldn't. That game lasted for about an hour and a half before Niall started complaining that he was hungry.

We all went back to his shop and grabbed a bite to eat before going back out and just running around fair like complete and total idiots.

I decided it would be fun to steal Niall's favorite snapback from his head and take off running. While I was running I kept looking back and saw Niall chasing me with the other two guys just standing where they were laughing. Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to what was in front of me because when I looked back in front of me I ran straight into Zayn.

He went tumbling backwards and I fell along with him landing on his chest. I slowly looked down at his face right below mine and my breath began to quicken as my heart started to race faster than it already was. His hands were on each of my side still from when he caught me as I fell on him and my hands were on his chest. Niall's hat had fallen to the ground when I fell.

"What the fuck?!" someone screamed.

Both Zayn and I looked over and saw Shannon looking pissed at us. I quickly scrambled to my feet and caught my breath.

"Well? Is anybody going to tell me what is going on?" she screamed.

"Calm you tits, damn. I ran into him-"

"It looked like a lot more than falling-"

"Well, I fuck fell. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yeah, I actually do!"

"Well you can get over you damn self!"

"Hey! Calm down you two. There is no reason to act like this!" Zayn yelled.

"There obviously is if she is getting pissed at me falling down!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you yelling at me!?"

"Because she is yelling at me because I ran into you!"

"There is no point in yelling!"

"Whatever," i said rolling my eyes. "I'm going back to the shop."

I turned and grabbed Niall's hat and handed it back to him, "Sorry," I said hugging him then walking away.

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