Hannah is not your average 20 year old. She has long brown hair with bright green eyes and is extremely short. Like 4' 11" short. She is a shopacholic Instigram famous and lives with her parents but her parents don't like who she has become and decide to send her to the Renaissance Faire while it is in town. She is forced to stay with her mom's friends son, Zayn, and work at his shop at the faire.


1. Chapter 1

*Hannah's P.O.V*

I woke up to the sun shining brightly on my face and my covers half off the bed. No wonder I am so cold- or maybe it was just because I am a freeze-baby. Whatever it is, I hated it. I hate being cold.

I rolled out of bed and over to my window, closing the curtains, then over to my closet and picked out clothes for today. I grabbed out my faded yellow crop top with the monster smiley face on it and my blue jean shorts.

Putting on my clothes, I proceeded to then straightening my hair and doing my makeup. I didn't wear much makeup- at least I don't think I do. Just some mascara and eyeliner. I only bother with crap like foundation if I am going somewhere nice. I don't see why I need it.

I finished my makeup and hair quickly then went downstairs. My parents were sitting at the table as if they were waiting for me. My mom was reading a book while drinking coffee and my dad was reading the newspaper while drinking coffee.

"Hannah, sit down," my dad said setting his paper down.

I looked back at him then at my mom who had set her book down and was looking at me.

"Why?" I questioned.

"Just sit down, Hannah."

I turned around and walked over to the table pulling out a chair to sit on. I sat down and looked at both my parents, waiting for them to say something.

My mom was the first to speak.

"We have decided your behavior has become enough-"

"What are you talking about?

"Don't interrupt your mother!" my father yelled.

"I- we," she stated referring to her and my dad. "are tired of how you act. We dislike how you dress and who you hang around."


"We have decided that you are going to be spending the next two months away from home-"

"What!? You can't do that!"

"Yes, she can and she will. I have agreed to this." My father states.

I stare at them both in shock. How could they do this to me?

"Where do you think you are even sending me?"

"The Renaissance Faire." I mother mumbles.

"Are you kidding me?"

"I haven't been there in years? I hate that place-"

"You only hate it because you changed. You are always out partying and coming home drunk and I've had enough. You are lucky it's the faire and not your grandmas or out on the streets!" my mom yells

"This is stupid!"

"Well this 'stupid place' you are going to, starts tomorrow, so, you better go pack!."

"I don't even know anybody there!"

"My friend Mary has a son who owns a shop there. You will be staying with him for the time you are to be there and you will work for him. Meaning you will have to get up every Saturday and Sunday at early times and dress how he tells you for the faire. You are leaving today at six so you better be packed-"

"That's not fair!"

"I don't care! You have five and a half hours to get your crap packed and be ready to leave!"

I pushed away from the table making the chair fall and stormed up to my room slamming the door behind me. This is the most stupid thing ever! Why do they think they have the right to just send me away? And to go be with a complete stranger? This guy is probably old and ugly- well, not old because Mary is the same age as my mom- but still!

I grabbed my phone and unlocked it going to Instigram. I hit the camera button and recorded a video.

"Hey guys!" I smiled. "I won't be posting a bunch these next two months because my parents are being mean and sending me to the stupid Renaissance Faire. Right? Like this is really stupid- and I have to stay with my moms friends son or something and actually work? Yeah, stupid but I will post when I am able to! I love you guys!"

When I was finished I posted the video and tossed my phone on my bed and walked over to my closet. I grabbed out my two large suit cases and a few of my big duffel bags. If I am gonna be stuck at that stupid hell hole for two months, I might as well pack as much crap as I can to try and make my life not so boring.

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