stuck between

A girl named live (Olivia) just moved in next door and she doesn't know who lives nexypt door to her on till her mom invites them to dinner. For all she knows she could find her best friend or her boyfriend. What will happen? Who will she be with?


1. Moving

  *Lives POV*

 I was unpacking with my friend Daniel and Jai and they were trying to be funny all of a sudden you see Jai hit Daniel in the nuts. I started laughing and fell on to the air mattress that was substituted for my bed. Jai fell to the ground and Daniel started laughing at him. Luke walked in with James, Bou, and sat down on the bed next to me. Luke put his arm around the back of me and I felt his hand hit the bed behind me. I watched as Bou and James started to kick Jai. Luke chuckled and said " would you not use my twin for dummy I need him"  I started laughing and fell on the bed. "What you think thats funny do you?" Luke said I nodded. He rolled on top of me and had my arms pinned underneath his legs and he started tickling me I started laughing and kicking and wiggling around underneath him. He finnaly stopped and got off of me and I noticed that me and him were the only ones in the room everyone else has left. I watched as Luke left the room and I was the only one. I heard a buch of laughIng outside and I went to my window and saw a couple of guys and I guess they saw me too. They looked up at me and I looked away and went and unpacked. I had put my dresser were I wanted it and the nightstands and my lamp. I was hanging a self to put my pictures on and the boys walked in and said they were going to get some snacks and drinks and asked if I wanted anything. " I want a Arizona and some skittles please" i laughed smiled and they walked off. Everyone but Luke and Daniel. They stayed with me my mum wasn't home and my dad left me and my mum when I was 8. I had got done with the shelf and I pointed to the  box with the pictures and the little words that said things that would boost your confidence. Luke gave me the picture of us at the beach making funny faces. I smiled at it and but it up on the shelf and went and picked up the little glass trinket that said bff on it. I put it in front of it and Daniel said " hey I thought I was your bff" 

 " nope its this guy right here" I said running at him and jumping into his arms and kissing his cheek. " would you have caught me?"

 " uhhh probly not" Daniel said with a grin I made eye contact with Luke and he put me down gently and I went back to the picture's and picked up one with me and my older brother who had died in the army. A tear fell down my cheek and onto the picture Luke and Daniel came and rubbed my back. I put it on theshelf and wipped away the tears. I took a deep breath and went through the rest of the pictures and there was one when I was a little girl. I had my brother next to me and my dad and mum. I put it there and took a picture and it was all of the boys and me. I put it on the shelf and stepped back and looked at the shelf and smiked . I walked over to my dresser and wrote ' be the change you wanna see in the world on the mirror in sharpe. It was one of my brothers motos that he told me when I was a little girl. I went and plopped down on the air mattress and I looked around the room all that was left was my bed and a few more pictures. I heard bou yelling outside my window. I went and unlocked it and claimed out the window and into the tree in front of the house. " that's the perfect way to sneek out if I wanted to" I grabbed my Arizona and skittles from Jai And ran back into the house. I yelled at Daniel and Luke to come down. They came running down as soon as I was stuffing my face with a while hand full of skittles in my mouth. I chewed them up and smiled and I guess my teeth were different colors cause every one laughed and opened my Arizona and took a drink. I started caughing and everyone started at me. I finally stopped and cought my breath. I started laughing. 

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