stuck between

A girl named live (Olivia) just moved in next door and she doesn't know who lives nexypt door to her on till her mom invites them to dinner. For all she knows she could find her best friend or her boyfriend. What will happen? Who will she be with?


3. just dont

   Livie's POV*

 *the next day*

 I was walking to school and Luke came up behind me and covered my eyes. "Guess who?"

  "  uhhm the guy that almost punched my neighbor last night" that wwhat I said and he seemed mad that I said that. He spun me around and kissed me I was so surprised. He pushed me up on the wall of the alley way that was only a few feet away. He picked me up by my thighs then I heard Bou saying what the hell. I pushed Luke away and fixed my close and hair. "When the fuck did you guys start going out?" Daniel asked from behind Bou. I saw a rat run by and I screamed and started running out of the alley way. 

  " last night now shut up please." I said and we all started running to school there was no doubt in my mind that we would be late. I opened my locker and ran to my next class which was art. I realized that the late bell hadn't even rang so that was a relief. 


    *skip to lunch*

I saw Luke walking towards the table I was sitting at. There was a girl staring at him so I smiled at him and kissed him and he kissed back. I had gotten used to the feeling of his lip ring. I pulled away and smiled at him. I started eating and jai came up behind me while Luke was gone and said "give me a kiss babe" 

  " nice try Jai but its not happening" I said not turning around. Luke came back shortly after that I finished eating and walked with Luke to my next class. "Hey do you wanna skip this class livie if your mum gets mad I'll say you were with me, Jai, Bou, and Daniel ." I nodded to show that iI wanted to go with them. We were lucky thathat we went to the most crappy school in London half of the security cameras didn't work in the school. We just walked out and once we were out we ran to the woods behind the school that was like a short cut to get to the skate park. I went there a lot to watch Luke skateboard and watch Daniel fall on his face. Me and Luke said that we would catch up with he guys later that we were gonna stop at Walgreen's. 

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