stuck between

A girl named live (Olivia) just moved in next door and she doesn't know who lives nexypt door to her on till her mom invites them to dinner. For all she knows she could find her best friend or her boyfriend. What will happen? Who will she be with?


2. dinner

Livie's POV

*skip to that night* 

I was walking down the stairs when my mum yelled at me to get dressed that we were having someone over for dinner. I ran backuup and luke was standing there trying to put my bed frame together for me. Luke was the only one there the rest of the boys accept him went home. Me and luke have been friends since my dad left us. He's been there for me and I feel bad for him he caught up in this kind of train wreck I am. I went to my closet and  got a tight teal colored dress that was my favorite dress ever. I went to the bathroom and through it on. I put a native patternern cartagan over it and put on some black converse on with them.I through my hair up in a ponytail and looked at Luke still not realizing that I've been there. I whistled and he looked up his eyes got wide and he stood up and walked towards me. He said "what's happening tonight am I missing something."

  " no were haven some people over for dinner tonight" he shrugged and went back to putting the bed frame together. I walked out as soon as my mum was yelling at me to come down and meet them. Luje came up from behind me and picked me up I screened when he started running down the stairs with me. He sat me down finnaly. I walked to the kitchen and jumped when I saw a tattoo'ed kid about my age and a happy smiling kid about my age too. I went and dat in front of the kid with the tatoos. Luke sat next to me. I got up to give the people there plates and stuff with Luke. Me and him aren't dating we are just really really close friends. I kicked luke under the table and he flinched and I laughed. "May we be excused miss Stewart" he asked I slowly got up from the table and I started running and I ran put the door. Luke started chasing me I was laughing so hard when he caught up to me and grabbed me. He started twisting me around and I stumbled over my own feet and started falling. Luke caught me and we were awkwardly close together. He leaned in and so did I.  Our lips made contact and it felt so perfect. I pulled away as soon as i realized what we were doing. I shook my hrad and started running down the street crying. I ran into the woods and sat down behind a tree and sobbed. I could here luke screaming my name. He was getting really close and  then he finnaly found me. I just sat there sobbing in front of him. He sat down next to me and pulled me in to him. He rubbed my back and said that it was ok. He pulled me up and said " Olivia listen to me you couldn't help that, that back there was me not you. It felt perfect to me and you need to stop crying because you didn't do any thing at all. We've known each other for 10 years and do you know how long I've been waiting for that happen? Since the day met you that's why I was so physical with you." 

I made eye contact with him and leaned in closing my eyes. He also leaned in and I started pushing him to the ground and I got on top of him and I broke the kiss to look him in the eyes. We started walking back to the house and we held my hands. We got to the door and as soon as I reached for it but it was already opening. I fell in to the one that I would never want to fall into to. The guy just stood there as I almost fell and broke my face. Luke finnaly caught me and he started chewing the guy out. I got in the middle of them and as Luke was going to hit the boy in the face I caught his hand. I guess those years of being catcher in softball worked. I caught it but I deffintly felt the unpacked. I grabbed luke and flung him into the house and told him to go to upstairs. I walked in apologizing and I told my mum that me and Luke were going to sleep. I said by to everyone and ran upstairs. As soon as I walked in to my room I saw Luke standing there looking at me. I closed my door and he was quick to push me against it. He slammed me into it and he started kissing me. I pulled away and pushed him away and told him that I was gonna ask my asked my mum to take him home. 

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