Highschool Romance


1. Together

                  "Zayn is such a heartthrob." Jessie said "Hey! Don't talk about my boyfriend like that, he's mine!" I replied "I was just kidding with you...even though he is." she said under her breath "Well, here he comes girls." said Amber. He ran in between Jessie and I. "So what are you talking about babe?" he said to me. "ZAYN!!! How many times have I asked you, not to call me that???" I said "Sorry....hottie" Zayn said with a mischievous grin on his face. "So senior year? How does it feel?" I said "Great! How do you like it...hottie? Zayn replied "I love it!" I said "Oh...and don't call me that either." I grumbled "I wouldn't mind him calling me that." Jessie said under her breath as I elbowed her. Zayn laughed, "That's nice Jessie, but my heart is to Lena, not you." said Zayn with a sincere look on his face. "Awwww, thanks hun." I said with sweetness in my voice, as I kissed him softly. (Don't worry, he kissed back) We kissed for what felt like an hour...until the bell for us to get to first period pulled us apart. Luckily we had French together...

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