Highschool Romance


2. French Class

                 We walked into French class together, like always. I mean it was only the second quarter, but we have been dating since the beginning of junior year. We sat down next to each other, as he said, "Vous etes le seul." I almost melted right there...for those of you who are wondering, that means you are the one. He is the most adorable thing when he speaks French to me. :D I pecked him on the cheek. Zayn is the teacher's favorite since he's fluent in French, and all of us "others" don't really know crap about the language. But Zayn is tutoring me, so I should be fine. The teacher Mr. Lamosuille started writing on the board. At first I couldn't see what he had had written. But I pretty much already knew. You know since Zayn's eyes lit up like diamonds. It was amour. That word is Zayn's favorite! It means love in a LOT of languages. Including French (of course). 


                                                          To Be Continued....


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