Always Remember Me


2. Chapter 1 💕

* Trinity's Pov *

Walking the streets of hometown Englishtown, New Jersey. It felt good to be back home .When my mom told me we were coming back I was over excited.

{ Flashback }

I was in my room cleaning it while playing Chris Brown on my iHome when I heard the music turn off I look up took my mom standing there with her arms crossed over her chest .

" I have something I need to tell you Trinity " my mom said

" can it wait till I'm done " I said

" no it can't " my mom said

" okay fine " I said sitting on my bed and my mom following me and sat on my bed. " okay shoot" I said

" I don't know how to tell you this but umm ... I got my old job back and they want me to move back out there to New Jersey " she said

" OH MY GOSH!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! " I said screaming and jumping up and down clapping my hands like a little kid on christmas day. " when do we pack and leave " I said

" we start packing tonight and tomorrow then we leave the day after tomorrow" she said smiling . " you can start now if you want " she said getting up off my bed and started walking to the door but I stopped her by giving her a huge hug .

" thank you mom I love you so much " I said pulling away and kissed her cheek

" I love you too " my mom said smiling at me then walked out my bedroom door .

{ End Flashback }

I smiled to myself remembering that day it was the I only day I was actually happy. I was walking and ended up u n front of ICON dance complex. I opened the door and went inside. When the door closed everyone's eyes landed on me. Their eyes went wide and they all ran over to me.

" Trinity is back " Nick said

" yes I'm back " I said

" are you staying this time " Louis said

" yes I'm staying this time and never leaving " I said

* Mikey's Pov *

When Nick yelled Trinity's name I stopped from dancing and turned around and saw Nick , Madison , Jason , Louis , and Thomas ran to her and they tackled her into a hug. She was smiling and laughing and she hugged them back. She then looked at me and started walking over to me. She stopped in front if me and pulled me into a tight bear hug.

" I missed you so much Mikey " Trinity said

" I missed you too why haven't you called or texted me " I said

" I got a new phone and a different number how have you been " Trinity said

" good missed you a lot " I said

" aww missed you too so how about we go to the arcade and have some fun " Trinity said and everyone cheered and yelled and they grabbed their stuff and I called my mom to come pick us up.

When I saw her pull up we all got in her car and she drove us to the arcade. When we got to the arcade we went in and started to play lots of games with Trinity and it felt good to have my best friend back.

* Trinity's Pov *

I laughed as I beat Mikey at a car racing game for the third time.

" aha I beat you once again sucker " I said

" yeah so what " Mikey said

" you don't have to be butt hurt " I said

" yeah Mikey don't get butt hurt " Nick said

" okay okay you can stop now " Mikey said and we went to the food court in the arcade and sat down.

Mikey's mom walked up to the cashier and ordered seven chocolate milk shakes and a large tray of fries. When everything was done two employees came out with our shakes and fries. We sat there eating and talking then went to play games. By the end of the day I was beat up tired and wanted to sleep. We left the arcade and was in Mikey's moms van. She was driving me home. I took out my and gave Mikey , Nick , Madison , Vinny , Louis , Thomas , and Jason my number and gave Mikey's mom my mothers number. I got out the van and went in my house to see my mom sitting on the couch.

" how was it " my mom asked

" fantastic I had loads of fun " I said

" glad you had fun " she said

" well talk to you in the morning I am tired , night love you " I said

" goodnight and love you too " my said and I went up to my bathroom and got in the shower.

I then got out and put on my pajamas and put my hair in a messy bun and turned off my lights and climbed up my ladder to my bed then got under my covers and went to sleep.

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