Let You Breath *One Direction Fanfiction*

*Don't leave hate if you don't like 1D I'm not a huge fan either I just like this idea*
What do you do when your dream boy finds you? Do you give him your heart? Or do you watch him break it...


2. I've Never Been

"And the 5th through 8th Amendment have to do with," the bell rung "before you leave the homework is..."

I rushed out before Mr. Franco finished I'd just ask Amy for it later. Right now I need to hurry before he leaves. I've finally gotten enough courage I cannot lose him now.


"I'm so sorry, your Anjelika right?" said Zayn, he murmured something before helping me up. "Yeah I'm Anjelika. You're Zayn right?" Why! Why would I say that of course he's Zayn he's one of the most popular boys in school not to mention the sweetest.

"Yeah I'm Zayn," he said blushing, "You really did good in the Talent Show." Did he just blush? While talking to me!

I started picking up my books trying to figure out what to say I'm so lost around him. I see him staring at something and notice it's my song book and grab it. 

"Thanks you and the boys did too! Congrats on the win, you guys all did great and sang in one direction. Your trying to figure out a name right? How about 'One Direction'?" 

Zayn smiles and says, "That's a great name! I'll run it through the boys. Call me?" He begins to write his number on my wrist. I felt like I was blushing and my skin was burning. I am so embarrassed! I pick up my books and squeak "Sure." and run off.


*At Home*

Love, it wasn't ours to recognize
To see, I was the reason you feel sick inside

Fall in me
I'll let you breathe
Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I may be
Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I

Love, it cut a hole into your eyes
You couldn't see you were the car I crashed
Now you're burning alive

"Stop blasting your music!" screams my mom. I turn it down and look at my wrist. 1-917-456-0000 I look at my phone. Should I call him? I don't want to get my heartbroken. Again, then again I've never been perfect, felt worth it, or understood what love is.  

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