All of Me

My name is Emma Hunter. I live alone in my tiny little apartment. Days pass as I continue to sob and dream about finding someone to be with. Someone to talk to. Someone to love. But I know it's never going to happen. Not till he moves in.


7. seven

*a few hours later* Emma's POV Louis stood back and admireed his work. He had given me a haircut and fixed me up. I felt... different. "how do i look?" "You look.. beautiful." He smiled. I hugged him as tight as i could. "Thank you" I whisperd in his chest. "I love you Louis." I said. I didnt want to say it, but i wanted him to know. But i was shocked at his reply. "I love you too." *meanwhile in Ireland* Niall POV I flipped threw th pages of my magazine. I foun an ad on Endland. "Hmmm.." I said to myself. "Iwant to go there.but when?'" I thought abou going thursday. I wasnt busy. And i guess i could say there for about a week. Yeah that sound just about right! Look out world im going to England! Plus, for some unown reason, I've always wanted to go into one of those telephone boxes.
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