All of Me

My name is Emma Hunter. I live alone in my tiny little apartment. Days pass as I continue to sob and dream about finding someone to be with. Someone to talk to. Someone to love. But I know it's never going to happen. Not till he moves in.


4. four

Louis POV

Days passed. Its been a week since I move in. I cleaned up Jemmas aprtment a little bit. She didn't really help. She would sit on the couch and watch. She has been giving me the creeps a little too. I mean, she would sleepwalk into my room, stalk over to the window nd start singing lullabies. 

Anyway, i had just got done cleaning the living room. I was covered in cobwebs and dust. I took a break and sat on the couch. I had no idea where  Jemma was, but her phone wasnext to me. I wanted to find out more things about her. So i picked up he phone and looked through the contact list. Sadly, there was only one name. His name was Conar. I pressed the call button. "Hello?" is this Conar?" i asked when it stopped ringing. "Yes.. but whos this?" "Im Jemmas roomate. Call me Louis. Do you happen to know Jemma?" "Yeah Im her ex. but why are you calling me ?" "Oh, uh.. i wanted to know some things about Jemma" "what do you want to know?" he asked. "Does she do that thing every night?" "what thing? Oh, that sleepalking thing? Yeah, she, does. It seems creepy, but she does it for a reason." Whats the reason?" I felt someone sit on the other ide of the couch. "you really want to now?" Conar asked. I looked to he side and saw Jemma sitting there. My eyes grew wide. "What are you doing wih my phone?" she asked, giggling. I tossed the phone. It landed right between us. "Hello? Louis You there?" Conar said though the phone. After a few second of silence, he hung up. Jemma started giggling more. "How long have you been sitting there?! You aren't going to kill me are you?!" i yelled. I was terrified. She looked like a possesed little girl. "Relax. I won't hurt you. Just go to bed, okay?" she said in a soft voice. I relaxed. She just sat there, smiling. I nodded my head and when towards my room.

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