The Thirteenth district

The Capitol thought they killed everyone in district 13, they thought wrong. Ambrosia is going into the hunger games and reveal herself. Will the Capitol accept her or will president Snow do anything to get her out the Picture


4. The Tribute parade

Preparing for a tribute parade is a lot harder than I thought. There is a lot of waxing, buffing, oiling and everything else imaginable. I was in a lot of pain after that, i could not even move for about 5 minutes. I always wonder how Capitol girls and women endure this everyday, i will never know. After all the scrubing, three women named Selena, Celeste and Maria came in to do my Hair, make-up and nails. it took about an hour until I was finally done.
''Ambrosia, darling you are like a diamond!!!'' Celeste said admiring the work done to my face.

''With hair like that the Capitol boys and the male tributes will fall madly in love with you!!!'' Selena said also admiring the work done to my hair.

''Ambrosia your nails are so rocking!!!'' Maria said in glee.

As I looked at myself in the mirror they were right. I could not even recognise myself, in simple words I looked like a goddess. My hair was done in curls at the top cascading to the beautiful waves past my shoulders. My face was done natural, because I don't like too much make-up, but my eyes were smoky with a mix of silver and light blue eye shadow and my body was sparkling and glowing. I actually loved my self a little bit. Then my stylist Christian came in with my outfit, I told him about my little secret and he had an idea, he did some minor adjustments with my dress, which would show off one of my talents perfectly. Once i finished dressing myself, christian told me that my dress might look short but when I transform into one of my elementa (made that word up, i can control elements) forms perfectly. Just them my escort Effie Trinket came bursting  through the door.''Ambrosia, you will be riding in a single charriot'', i shook my head in agreement. I knew this had President snow written all over it, my plan was falling into place. Before i left, Christian kissed me on the cheek and told me I would be amazing. Effie and I were walking to my chariot  when I saw Cato looking at me with lust in his eyes, so were the other male tributes. They either had lust in their eyes or total love for me. The girls had either liked me or complete envy. -before I transform

The chariots were beginning to move since I was going last i saw all of the tribute outfits for this year, some costumes were amazing, some okay and others horrible. Katniss and Peeta were awesome, they looked like they were on fire and by the noise of the crowd they were a big hit. My chariot started moving and I soon as I entered the city square I thought i was going to be deaf because the noise was booming. They thought i was amazing, they will flip out for this. the horse stopped in the middle of the route, i hopped off the chariot and started doing a graceful little dance where I encased myself in a sphere of ice (elementa state, think of elsa from frozen) and a few moments later the sphere broke into little sparkles and that was it. light blue dress, with blue matalic shoes  and the diamond earings and necklace. The crowd went insane, i stepped back on my chariot and I did my 'wink, wave and smile' the boys of the capitol got a kick out of that. I finally reached the end of  route for the president to give his speech

President Snow's POV
''She will know her family secret soon enough, but she has grown into a gorgeous young woman, i must get her out of this game alive.'' I thought to myself. Its time for the speech'' Welcome Tributes, to the 74th Hunger Games. We acknowledge your scarifice. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.'' the crowd went wild after that.

Cato's POV
"Ambrosia was breathtaking, the dress was amazing, i'm going to sneak over there to talk to her'' I thought to myself. I was thinking so much that I didn't even notice that Glimmer was even talking to me. Cato are you even listening, Glimmer said with anger.'' No, I'm going to bed.'' i replied walking off leaving her there, when actually going to look for my little 'rose' Ambrosia.

''Ambrosia that was dyamite!!!!!!!'' Effie said with glee. Same thing with Haymitch. I was looking for katniss but i didn't see her. I was walking to go back to the tribute building when two strong arms came around me, that meant one person.
"Hey Angel, missed me!?'' I turned around and saw Cato with a smirk on his face.
''No, i did not, but your costume awesome,was so you, all gladiator and all'' I told him.
''You like me why you just admit it<3'' he said as he started to kiss my neck.
I let his words sink into my mind, do i love him, i just don't know.
'' Cato, please stop.'' I said trying to hold in a moan, but it was very hard.
He stopped, but before he left he told me,
''You will be mine one way or another, and you will not live without me one you realise you're in love with me.'' he said, then kissed my cheek then he disappeared. His words still repeat in my mind, but i would have time to think about that tomorrow. So I made my way to the Tribute Building to shower and go to bed.

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All work goes to Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games

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