The Thirteenth district

The Capitol thought they killed everyone in district 13, they thought wrong. Ambrosia is going into the hunger games and reveal herself. Will the Capitol accept her or will president Snow do anything to get her out the Picture


3. The capitol

As the train pulled into the Capitol, I looked through the glass to see the freaky capitol citizens. They wore multi-coloured outfits and wore too much make-up. I was so lost in translation that Effie came into my room. ”Ambrosia dear, time to meet your future sponsors.’’  Effie said in that Capitol accent. ’’Okay I’m coming.’’ I replied. As soon as I stepped off the train, the capitol citizens went crazy, especially for Katniss and Peeta.I was so happy for them but I had missed my boyfriend from District 13 Michael , he was killed in the uprising. I was so focused on   remembering I was left behind by my colleagues.  I just decided to walk I would catch up. While walking a very tall boy came next to me and snaked his arms around me. I took in every single detail. He had deep blue eyes, beautiful blonde hair, a dazzling white smile and very fit. Perfect profile for a male tribute.
‘’Hey beautiful, what’s your name?’’ the mysterious boy asked me.
‘’My name is Ambrosia.’’ I replied plainly, giving him my hand to shake.
‘’Well, sweetheart, my name is Cato Hadley or your future boyfriend.’’ He said while smirking, and then he kissed my hand. I started blushing bright red. I already knew he was trying to trick me and then when the games start he will kill me. But for now I would just play along
‘’Cato, darling you are not my type.’’ I told him and walked off, but he caught up to me and whispered,
‘’Yes. You. Are, but your just playing hard to get.’’ He said huskily in my ear, I knew my heart just melted. I replied to him that I had to prepare for the tribute parade. Then he replied close to my ear, ’’I’ll see you later, Angel.’’ Then he playfully teased me by nibbling on my ear, walked away after to go with his teammates and escorts. I made it just in time to the city centre to prepare for the tribute parade.
Cato’s POV
‘’Wow Ambrosia is beautiful, but every rose has its thorns, and I’m going to find out.’’ I thought to myself. I just have to make her mine, if anyone hurts my princess during these games, their death will be painful and slow that’s a promise.’’ I wonder if she really is who she says she is but more time for thinking later, time to get my swag on.’’
Ambrosia’s POV
Getting ready for one tribute parade is brutal, there is a lot of plucking, filing, brushing and every other thing imaginable. After that my stylist Christian came in and I told him my plan and he totally went along with it. Since I’m an Elemental (a person that can control elements) he made special outfits that can show off my powers. Right after I put on my shoes, Effie came rushing in, pulling me outside and telling me that I’m to ride a single chariot in the parade. I just shook my head in agreement, I knew this had President Snow written all over it, but he thought well. I was walking to my chariot when I saw Cato looking at me. I had to admit his costume was so him. He smirked at me, I just rolled my eyes and stepped on my ride. My stylist told me before I moved the chariot would stop in the middle of the route and I would show the Capitol my surprise in me and then it begins.

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