The Thirteenth district

The Capitol thought they killed everyone in district 13, they thought wrong. Ambrosia is going into the hunger games and reveal herself. Will the Capitol accept her or will president Snow do anything to get her out the Picture


9. Interview time Part:2

"Cato, it won’t make any sense because even if we like each other or not because one or both of us will be dead tomorrow and the days ahead!!" I shouted at Cato as I walked towards the railing. As I just stood there and started to cry, everything came crashing down. I felt forever alone. Then two, huge muscular arms wrap around my waist and move me from side to side. “I will not leave you in there tomorrow; I will protect you until my heart stops beating. If I don't make it I want you to live for me, show them what Ambrosia Everdeen can do!" Cato said looking at me straight in the eye."You are not going to die, you are a very powerful you can win these games, I know you can win." I told him, it was almost midnight I looked up at the sky seeing the stars twinkling. I know I have something to live for and I will win this game or die trying. Cato took my hand and we both head towards the elevator to get some sleep before tomorrow. When the elevator opened up to my floor, I didn’t want to let go to the hand I was holding, I know I needed to be strong but the faith I had inside was crumbling like a wall. He squeezed my hand reassuring me and he slowly let go the grip his hand had on me, I really did not want to let go but I had to be strong. I walked to my room, never looking back, putting on my PJ’s I thought about my fate as soon as I’m on that pedestal , and also I want to trust Cato but as soon as we enter that arena he is going to turn into a monster. Rue is just a little girl stuck in a big bad world, her parents can only protect her for so long and the sad thing is nobody volunteered for her to take her place in the games, Katniss and I need to protect her at all costs. So here I am in a bed in the Capitol awaiting my fate in an arena with 23 other people, my eyelids begin to take over with the waters of sleep calling out to me.
There I was in a huge mansion and when I looked in the mirror I had a beautiful purple dress which was custom made for me, I can tell by the quality. My room is like something out of a fairy-tale, then the door opens in which someone steps into the room. When I turned around I stepped into my worst nightmare, there in my presence was none other than President Snow himself, He walked up to me and gave me a hug, the flower in is jacket pocket reeked of blood but what he said to me haunted me the most in this dream
“My Long Lost Daughter has returned to me once more.”
That is when I woke up from that nightmare; I was cold sweating and that line kept replaying in my head like a broken record, if this is a vision of what is to come then this is what I have to face. But Today I have something bigger on my hands to face and I hope I make it out of this alive.

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