The Thirteenth district

The Capitol thought they killed everyone in district 13, they thought wrong. Ambrosia is going into the hunger games and reveal herself. Will the Capitol accept her or will president Snow do anything to get her out the Picture


8. Interview Time Part 1

Today was finally the interviews before we head into the arena tomorrow. I was totally excited yet terrified at the same time. All these thoughts were buzzing around in my head while I was had an awesome dream, but then President Snow came into it he said something about me being something to him and I really wanted to know what it was but someone disturbed me.
“Common Ambrosia, you have a very big day today!” Effie said in her cheerful, high pitched Capitol accent. Today I really wanted to stay in bed and think about my life before I die the next day, but I have to try to live for now.  So I did my usual routing by taking a shower, today I smell like green apples, put my hair in a simple bun, get some comfortable clothing and head downstairs for breakfast. Katniss, Peeta, Cinna, Portia, Haymitch and Effie were all downstairs in the living room eating breakfast.
“Morning Sunshine!” Peeta said trying to cheer me up, because today I was feeling really down in the dumps because of tomorrow.
“Hey Peeta, Katniss. I’m   just feeling really nervous about tonight, I hope I can make a good impression.” I said dully.
“Don’t worry dear, with an amazing performance at the tribute parade and deadly score of twelve from the gamemakes, the Capitol would want to see more of you. Especially your backstory.” Effie said with a reassuring pat on the back.
“Hey I have a song, do you think I can sing it?” I asked her with hope in my voice.
“That would be something the Capitol has never seen, a singing tribute. Sponsors will love that. Yes you should.” Effie said with a cheerful look on her face. I shook my head in delight I have the perfect song.
“I didn’t know you write songs, can I hear one!”  Katniss asked very eager.

Everyone started clapping; it looks like everyone loved it. Effie said this was the perfect way to get more sponsors before tomorrow by showing them my talent.
“Everyone I’m going to do a few minutes training before tomorrow!” I said while heading to the elevator.
“Ambrosia darling don’t forget to be back up here by twelve o’ clock for you to get ready for the interviews tonight!” Effie said to me.
As I head back down to the training centre, I still think about that dream I had. I still remember President Snow telling me that I was something to him, but I just don’t know what that is, the elevator opening pushed me back into reality. I just ran to the sword station and picked up my favourite dual-swords. I was just into it just slicing imaginary dummies having the time of my life but a voice stopped me in my tracks,
“Hey there Baby, waiting on someone?!” the unknown voice said to me.
I turn around to be face to face with Marvel, Glimmer’s district partner. That is something you never see every day “What are you doing here?” I asked him. He just had a smug look on his face,
“I came here for you, almost all the boys have fallen in love with at the tribute parade and Cato has his eyes out for you so I hope that I would have a chance.” He replied.
“Marvel, it would not make any sense. Even if I go off with you, Cato or any other male tribute it would not make a difference.  We would all have to kill each other off tomorrow.”   I said sadly.
“Well then here is something to remember me by”, then he kissed me on the cheek. It was very sweet; before he walked off he told me one more thing,
“I will see you tonight, make sure you wear something sexy, SEXY!” he said with that smug look on his face before walking off. I swear that Cato and him could be twins. Oh well, I just continued what I was doing before but I just stopped and sat on the floor for a moment, then I started thinking about my family. While I thought about them I started to cry, since there was no one here I could let all my feelings out. I wished they were still alive and that these stupid games didn’t exist anyway, but most of all I wished I had someone to love again. I had Michael back in District 13 but then the uprising came and he was murdered along  with my family and everyone else I hold dear back home in cold blood. I am a girl lost in a big, bad world where you had to fight to live, literally. I knew I had to go back upstairs soon but I saw Peeta coming out of the elevator. He walked towards me until he was right in front of me. He saw my tear stained cheeks.
“Ambrosia, what’s wrong?” my district counterpart asked me with worry in his voice
“I don’t think I’ll make it Peeta, I don’t know if I’ll survive tomorrow!”  , I replied with new tears threatening to spill over again.
“You can and you will, both you and Katniss are both strong and beautiful girls, you will make it.”  , Peeta said encouraging me.
“I’ll be right there next to both and I will protect both you and Katniss, if there is going to be a victor it is going to be one of you!”  , he said with hope in his eyes.
“Thanks, Peeta. I really needed that”, I replied to him sniffing a little, and then I kissed his cheek as a thank you. But wait what was he doing down here, so I asked him one more question,
“Hey Peeta why are you down here?” I asked with curiosity etched in my voice.
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Effie told me to come get you so you can get ready for the interviews tonight, so after you my lady”, Peeta said with a bad Capitol Accent. I just started laughing.
“Yes we shall go, Sir Peeta” I replied to him with a good Capitol accent. So we made our way to the elevator to get ready.
(Few hours later………..)
After about three hours my body stung and had been probed in every way possible. After that my prep team came in and did my hair, nails and makeup. I thought this torture was never going to end; there was a lot of pulling, filing, painting, brushing and anything else the Capitol could think of when it came to beauty. It was already seven- thirty and Ceaser’s interview starts at eight so it was time for me to get my dress on.
“Oh Ambrosia we have outdone ourselves with you, you are perfect. Now all you need is your dress and all the boys will be fighting over you not that most of the tributes are already doing It.”, Selena said admiring her work that her team did once again. Then she put something to cover my eyes so I wouldn’t see anything until I’m “doll up” and perfect. Then Christian came in with my dress, while helping me do that he said to me,
“This dress is my best work, once the Capitol sees this; they will talk about you for years to come.”
“I just want to make it out alive first then my image after.” I replied.
After Christian tied up my dress I was given a beautiful angel winged necklace.
“There are special surprises when you hold the necklace, so just hold on to it when you think it’s time.” He whispered in my ear before he gave me a kiss for good luck. Katniss and Peeta were already waiting for me.  Katniss looked gorgeous and Peeta looked so handsome.
“Ambrosia, you look divine!” Katniss said while looking at my purple poufy dress.)my interview outfit
“Katniss your dress is amazing; you are like fire, BLAZING AND SMOKING and PEETA YOU LOOK SO HANDSOME!!” I say to them with excitement in my voice.
“Ambrosia, you look like a true princess, all your missing is a tiara.” Peeta said looking at me in amazement. We all walked down together to get in line for the interviews, our entire team sat in the audience for moral support. While passing tributes 1 and 2 in line I received two whistles from Marvel and Cato. I guess they both thought I looked sexy for some reason. Glimmer and Clove gave their male partners a tap behind their heads for doing that, Clove was giving me a death glare because of how Cato was looking at me. Most of the male tributes from 1 to 10 were in total shock of me also Katniss. So since we were meant to go last we were on the very end, so Katniss was in front, then Peeta and finally me. So basically it was kind of like I was the 25th tribute, but the worst thing is that my 16th birthday is tomorrow. my interview outfit
So all of us were watching the interviews from the television backstage and so far most of them were okay. Glimmer’s angle was sexy and deadly, Clove was the same thing. Cato also had the whole playboy thing going for him, he winked at some girls in the audience and they fainted. I always knew that the Capitol was the birthplace of fan-girls. Fox face’s angle was being sneaky and agile. Rue angle also is agile and very smart, I had to protect her at all costs so Katniss and I had to make an alliance with her.
After Cato was finished with his interview, he whispered in my ear to meet him on the roof then he kissed me on the cheek and wished me good luck, Marvel sent a flirty wink my way. Katniss was up next so all three of us had a major group hug which helped Katniss ease her stage fright a little bit so the security guards escort her to the stage and it looked like she was a little overwhelmed by the crowd but in the end she really stood out. When she twirled around the bottom of her dress was on fire which was awesome but then Caesar told her about the reaping and when she volunteered for her sister so she started to tear up a little but she held out which I was happy for in the end the crowd loved her.
“Katniss you were amazing, good job. I’ll see you upstairs.” I said to my best friend. Next was Peeta so I gave a tap on the back for support and he went up there and did his thing, he got the crowd cracking up with his jokes then Caesar mentioned if he had any crushes and he said that he had liked a girl for a long time but she never noticed her during the reaping and that she came with him.
“I knew it, Peeta likes Katniss!!!!!!” I thought in my mind ad that was the end of Peeta’s interview. Finally it was my turn so I walked near to the steps that led to the stage.
“Ladies and Gentlemen you know her as the elementis, but we know her as the beautiful, Ambrosia Everdeen!!!” Caeser announced to the crowd as they clapped and screamed.
As soon as I walked onto the stage the sound was booming. I was so overwhelmed by the crowd I thought I was going to faint right on the stage. I just knew this was the tip of the iceberg and the real nightmare begins tomorrow. So I just smiled, winked and waved, again the boys got a kick out of that, so after all that I sat down in my seat.
“Well Ambrosia, you look absolutely breath-taking. Doesn’t she ladies and gents!” Caeser says happily.
“Why thank you very much, you look very dashing yourself Caeser." I replied to him.
'' So what do you think of the Capitol?" the famous face of the hunger games asked me.
" It is so futuristic, like something out of a dream." I replied truthfully.
" A little birdie told me that you had some of the male tributes falling for you!!!" Caeser said with a mischevious look on his face.
" You heard right, but i'm not ready for a relationship yet. " i replied truthfully.
"Who do think you are as a person?" Caeser asked me.
That is a very tough question he asked me but i had a perfect answer
"Well Caeser, i'm funny, kind helpful, creative and an angel" as soon as i said the word angel and held the necklace, a pair of angel wings came out, the crowd was going wild.
"But if you threathen my family, I will turn beast mode on you." Then my wings turn black like an fallen angel.
"Look at you your wings are amazing, you are an angel." Caeser complimented me.
"Thank you very much, but before I go would you like to hear a song?"
"You can sing, wow !!!! Would you like to hear her sing ladies and Gentlemen?! I'll take that as a yes!" Caeser asked.


 (underground by avril lavigne)

After my song the crowd went nuts, looks like they loved my song
"The amazing, beautiful, talented and Deadly Ambrosia Everdeen'' Caeser announced
He took my hand and kissed it, i curtised and began to walk off the stage. I know I will have a lot of sponsers after this.
" That was beautiful honey,now its time for bed you have a big day tomorrow." Effie said as I head to the elevator. When we got to the penthouse I went to my room changed my clothes and got into the shower. After that i dried off got into something comfy and went up to the roof to think. 

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