Come Closer To My Heart|| Luke Hemmings


1. Prologue

I combed my soft light brown hair in front of the bathroom mirror, "Ellie?" My mom called from down stairs.

"Coming!" I yelled back, putting the comb away. I ran down stairs with my right hand on the handle, sliding while running step by step. Getting to the bottom I still had my hand on the end of the handle looking left to right, looking for my mother. She was in the kitchen, placing a plate in front of a empty chair. I pull the chair back and sitting on it, scooting it forward as I had a hand on the sides of the chair to hold it. I stare at plate that had scrabble eggs and toast with sausages on the side. I got the fork from the side of the plate and started to eat. It was Friday, the last day of the week. Then after that their is no school. While Monday rolls around and I go back to school. I pressed the home button on my iPhone to see that it's kinda early, 7:24am.

I put the plate on the sink and check the oven that had the time on it, 7:31am and I quickly went up stairs to change into some simple clothes, jeans and a USC shirt. When I was done I heard a honk. Luke was at my front door with his car waiting. I quickly made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and got my backpack from the couch, stuffing it with books and papers. I put it over my shoulder. There was one more honk coming from outside. I open the door. "I'm coming!" I yell at Luke, closing the front door. I ran over to my mom and kissed her on the cheek and did the same to my dad, who was reading he newspaper like a modern family would even though where not. I ran to the front door quickly getting my keys and walked two steps to get to the side walk. I open Luke's car door from the passengers seat and got on.

"You took quite long time." Luke chuckled as he turn on the car with the key, making his back hunch over.

"I woke up a little late, okay." I said putting my backpack on the car floor to put on my seatbelt.

"I could tell, your hair is a little messy." He said, pointing on top of my head.

"What?" I quickly reach over the mini mirror that hanged on top if his car roof and to see that my hair was fine. I laughed and so did he. I slap his arm playfully as he laugh, running his left hand though the spot I hit him on.

- - - - -

I open my yellow locker getting my books then made my way to the lunch tables. I got my food and sat on the lunch table and I was alone. I took a slip of my coke.

"So park tomorrow? At 4:00?" Ashton said as he joined me in the table. He put his foot over the bench and then the over with his other foot. His tray plop on the table.

"Yea." I smiled and took a fork full of lunch to my mouth.

"You're not going to make out with Luke again like last week." Michael laughed as he joined the table as well with half full of food in his tray.

"We weren't making out!" I argued.

"Oh you mean you and Luke?" Steph sat down next to me with a cookie in her hand, taking a bite into it. She turn to me wiggling her eye brow at me.

"Guys!" I cried pushing my tray away, losing my appetite. "We were just talking." I said softly, crossing my arms. I stop listening of what they were saying and started to think about last week. It was just a small kiss nothing more. I didn't know what was Luke and I was. We use to just best friends but then that changed into each other having feeling for us. One day were kissing other we act like nothing happened. Of course we don't do it in front of Ashton, Steph, Cindy, Michael, and Lilly but I wish he told me. I would bring it up and he turn it down. I didn't know anymore.

"Hey guys!" Luke said bring his tray next me and his body close to mine. Everyone look at us like if they expected something from us. Steph made her eye brow dance signaling about me and Luke. I couldn't take it anymore. I rolled my eyes and got my tray and walked away from the table.

"El!" I hear Luke call behind me. I throw the food away and placing the plastic tray on top of the trash can and walk out of the cafeteria, pushing the door. I made my way to the bench that was on the front lawn of the school. I sat their with my backpack over my stomach, hugging it. Watching the cars past by one by one.

"El, why did you leave?" Luke chuckled as he sat next to me on he bench. I didn't look at him. I kept my eye on the street. I look at look at him and shook my head.

"I don't get you." I said, making his smile fall down to a frown.

"What?" He asked confused.

"I don't get you!" I said louder, sitting up from the bench. "Or us," I softly took my eyes off of him. I see our group of friends was staring at us from afar from the font of the school doors. "One day you kiss me, holding my hand, making me feel like I like you. Then you just forget whatever happened the day after?" I crossed my arm. I could never have this conversation with him. Cause every time he would drop it and move to a different topic. We just sat their after, quietly.

"Are you still going to the park on Saturday?" He asked as his head were down then look up to talk to me, eye to eye.

"I can't believe you." I said and got my backpack and walk off. I couldn't take this anymore. What is wrong with him?

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