Come Closer To My Heart|| Luke Hemmings


3. Chapter 2

     We got to the park and we sat at our same spot as always. Me and Luke were the first one to come, then it was Michael and Ashton, then it was Steph and Lily, and then Cindy, but Cindy never comes. She always have to go to Church on Saturdays with her family. 

"So first game," Ashton rubs his hands together. "Who gets most phone numbers in fifteen minutes." He looks at all if us as we all look at each other, guessing who is going to get the most phone numbers from random strangers. 

"Don't cheat this time, Luke." Steph said, we all began to laugh.

"Sorry, it's a habit that I can't stop." He said, chewing his gum with his mouth slightly open, he wasn't even looking at Steph. He was looking at me. He smiles and gives a wink, we both know what was he was applying to. I roll my eyes.

"Ready?" He said as we were all in a running position, "The time starts," He stop for a pause. "Now!" We all ran to the first person we see and the first person I saw was a lady with her friends. I ran towards them but Lily got to them first. I grunted and I looked around to see any big groups. I ran to a woman with her man, holding hands. They weren't to far so I walked over their casually.

"Hi!" I said kindly while looking back a fourth to both of them. The woman looked at me with a weird look from my head to my toes. To what shoes I was wearing and my kinda ripped black sweater with my  light brown hair that was up in a pony tail and I was wearing my ripped jeans. 

"Can I help you?" She sassed at me. I lift up my left eye brow to wonder What is her problem? 

"Me and my friends-" I began to explain.

"Where not interested." She splat. 

"Babe-" Her boyfriend was cut off by her, 

"Come on." She pulled her boyfriend. He let go and the woman got angry that he wasn't following her orders. What was bitch. I thought.

"You where saying?" He smiled at me. I check the time on my phone and I don't have much time.

"Me and my friends are having a thing to see who has the most phone numbers from strangers in this park and my sticky note is empty," I said and pulled up my yellow sticky note with a pen across it, "And I was wondering if I can have yours?" I smiled.

"Sure." He smiled at me taking the sticky note and writing his and his girlfriend. I said thanks and I ran off but I ran into someone, Luke, I had my hands on his warm hard chest. His hands were gripped on to my arms so I won't fall backwards.

"Whoa there." Luke chuckled making my frown form into a smile. His fore head was on mind and we both lean forward to soft mash out lips together. Luke's hands were moving up towards my neck and my cheeks, holding them. I pushed away.

"Are you trying to making me lose?" I smile and tilt my head.

"Maybe," He smile while shoving his hand into his pockets and playing with his lip ring. "Can we talk later?" Luke said, staring at the grass.

"Later." I said. His smile grew and he walked towards me and placed his hand on my hip behind me while he nuzzle his face to my neck.

"You should asked them for theirs numbers." His voice vibrated that tickled. He pushed me to that direction. I laughed at the direction he pushed me to. The elderly was signing me to come over their was took out my yellow sticky notepad and the pen.

I got seven numbers so far. I ran around because I had three minutes to go. I headed to a guy sitting alone reading a book. Right when I got there number I could hear Ashton voice yelling 'Times Up'. I see the same woman from before watching me. I walked to our table while I hold up the eight fingers telling her how many numbers I got, while that I winked at her and laughed. She shook her head rolled her eyes at me. 

 "Luke, how many number did you get?" He was standing on top of a park table have the pen on her hand towriting the numbers on. Luke look around and smirked was rising from the corner of his lips. 

"Twenty-one." He said as we all "Oh-ed" and laugh.


"Um," Lily was new to our group and she was just getting to us "Four." She nervously laughed. We all "Aw-ed" and giggled.

"Steph?" Ashton looked up from his hand.

"I hate to brag but," She pulled on her sweater like a show off would, "Fifteen."

"Didn't you get more than that last week?" Ashton said since he was in charge of keeping track and the games.

"I don't want to talk about that." She said. We all quietly chuckled.


"Sorry Luke but I got twenty-six" Michael smiled as we started to clap for him.

"El?" Ashton called by my nick name.

"Ugh," I scratched behind my neck, "I got eight."

"Not bad." Luke stand next to me and slips his left arm around my hip and kisses my cheek, making me blush. I hope he doesn't forget this what ever happened today because he always does but I don't know why.

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