Come Closer To My Heart|| Luke Hemmings


2. Chapter 1

The sun was shining though my window as a warm sunny breeze hit my face. My eyes slowly open to the sun that shine though. I slowly looked around my room and yawn. I took my phone and pulled the cord ruffly. It was 10:28pm on a Saturday. I went though my messages pressed the first one ,Luke. Luke was on the first messaging box on my iPhone.

Are you still going to pick my up today?

I typed and send. I then pressed the top button on my phone and yawn once more and got up. Make my way towards my closet that was near my bed. My room door flew open and my little sister, Jessy, ran into me and hug me.

"Claim down Jess," I said as her little body barely hugged my wast. I wasn't tall myself but being compared to my sister height makes me feel giant. "I just woke up." I chuckled. I try my best to be that fun and happy sister for her but there is times where she can drive me off the cliff.

"El!" Jess jumped off me and headed for my bed and landed on her bum, making the bed shake a little. "It's Sarah birthday today!" She jumped off the bed. Boy, she was jumpy today.

"Yea?" I said and bent down o her height "Is she going to have a birthday party?" I asked getting up and make my way to the closet again to pick a outfit.

"Yes!" She jumped up with a big smile on her face, showing her small teeth and two broken teeth on the bottom jaw.

"Is momma gonna take you?" I took my outfit and put it on the bed and walked to my door to open it, ready for her to leave soon when we finish our talk.

"She is busy today," she walked to the door, "Maybe daddy." She smiled and jumped down the stairs and made a turn to the living room.

I took my clothes and walked out of my room to the bathroom the was cross of my. I took my phone as well. I closes the door behind me and check my phone I see that I have a text message from Luke. Luke is my best friend. I met him in 9th grade of high school. I remember seeing him in every class that I had in till 10th grade that we only had one class together. Our high school is small and not as big as the others. My other friends like Cindy, Michael, Ashton, and Steph are all my best friends, but if I have to take a bullet fro a friend it would be Luke.

Yea! I'll be at your house at 3:30? The park meet up is around 4:00 remember?

The texted readied.

Yea I remembered. See you then

I texted back and locked my phone. The park meet up was a thing our group do every Saturday. We just go to a park the was near us that is huge and sit in the same bench every time and hang out and eat anything. We even act like kids! We would play hind at seek or tag. It's like if we were ten again even if were all 11th graders here. The one time I brought my sister to the park with my friend was fun but then she fell and started crying so my parents won't let me take her to the park anymore.

I opened the bathroom door when I was done dressing and got my phone in my left hand. I walked down stairs to the kitchen to see my mom sitting down with a plate of eggs on the table reading some bills.

"Everything alright, mom?" I asked while getting an apple from the fruit bowl.

"Their is eggs with toasted bread on the stove." She said, not looking up from the bill.

"Nice!" I said putting back to the apple. I made my way to the stove and got a white plate and severed myself. I plopped my plant in front of hers and got a fork to eat it with. I sat across her, staring at her as she had a confused face while her eyes move side to side. "Mom," I said once more seriously, "Is everything alright?" I said and put my fork down. She looks up from the paper with and smile.

"Yes?" She said as we both stare at each other in the eyes. I looked at the envelope that the bill came in. "Oh this?" She moves the letter to the side to get a view of the back that was blank. "It's just a letter." She smiled.

"You mean the bill?" I said holding up the envelope that came with it.

"It's nothing." She takes the open envelope from me and puts the paper inside again, then taking a fork full of eggs into her month. I didn't want to ask anymore. I was scared that was in that bill. I began I eat my food. When I was half way done their was a honk outside of the street. I checked the time and Luke was two minutes late.

"Mom, I'm going to the park with my friends." I said getting up from my seat and putting he plate away, "Is it alright?" I said putting my phone in my back pocket, knowing she is going to say "yes".

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