Found The Evidence

Stubborn but Sassy girl, Jenna is a Junior in high school. When she thinks about her past with her old boyfriend she never wants another boyfriend again but when the new kid comes to school she falls for him. Little does she know about his past...


5. The Date Part 2

 Jenna's POV:

He then slowly took off the blindfold. I gasped and said to Justin "its beautiful." I looked around and saw what he did for me. The date was in the forest near my house and there was a pond with a ton of candles around it. I looked and saw that he had put a blanket on the floor and there was a basket. I got all teary eyed and turned around and hugged Justin. He smiled and kissed my forehead. I ran towards the blanket and collapsed on the floor. I looked in the basket and saw that he packed my favorite foods. I hugged Justin. Then I remembered. *FLASHBACK* Jaden came up to me and asked me out. I of course said yes because I was thirsty for a boyfriend. He told me that he'll pick me up at 5:00. I got a fancied up when he came to my door and knocked. I opened it he was in the same outfit from school. I frowned and he said "lets go." I said "okay." He then said "I don't have a car so we're going to walk." I got cold and I said "I'm cold." He said "Stop complaining we'll be there in a couple minutes. He took me to McDonalds. *END OF FLASHBACK* Justin said "JENNA JENNA ARE YOU OKAY?!" I said "Yeah and I was just thinking of my last date." He said "What happened at your last date." I replied "Jaden took me to McDonalds." He laughed and said "This date is better isn't it." I smiled as he pulled onto his lap and I said "Yep." Then I jumped when I turned around and saw Jaden. Jaden was behind Justin and had a bat in his hand. He went to go swing and I screamed "JUSTIN MOVE!" I pushed him out of the way and I tackeled Jaden. I kept throwing punches and Jaden finally got me off him. I was crying and I had scratches all over my knees from tackeling him. Justin pulled me into his arm as Jaden scurried off.

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