Found The Evidence

Stubborn but Sassy girl, Jenna is a Junior in high school. When she thinks about her past with her old boyfriend she never wants another boyfriend again but when the new kid comes to school she falls for him. Little does she know about his past...


2. Questions and Answers

Jenna's POV:

I replied "yes." and Justin said "Can I have your number?" I thought for a moment than said "Don't wish for it, Work for it." I winked then walked away. Yes I just said no to the one and only Justin Bieber. I then went through 4 more periods of class and realized Justin Bieber was in all of my Morning classes and my partner for one of my projects in English. I walked into lunch and I sat at the fab 4 table. Everyone of fab 4's were there so I went to go say something then my vision went blank. I then heard a voice go "Guess Who?" I replied Justin? Justin than sat down next to me and said yes. I was said "what do you want Justin?" He said " You have to give me your number now. We're English partners for a project." I groaned "fine." and gave him my number. He texted me to make sure I didn't give him a fake number. I got a message and it said "are you going to eat that?" I laughed and looked at Justin, I gave him my tray and he ran to Chaz and Ryan. "His new besties."I then felt a shiver down my spine and turned around to see Jaden's eyes burning holes in my back. I smiled and turned around. Ashley and the girls were quiet and I said "WHAT?!" they pointed to Justin and I said "shut up." Ashley's smile went down into a frown and I looked to see her ex sitting next to Justin. I looked at Ashley and she said "don't trust Justin."

I shook my head in disgust because Ashley was judging him because he hangs out with Justin.


Justin's POV:

I swear Jenna is so pretty with her golden brown hair and her tan skin. Her eyes are so beautiful though. Her light brown eyes. Chaz snapped his fingers in my face and said snap out of it Justin. He then pointed to Jaden. I hate Jaden. He broke my soon to be girlfriends heart. Chaz told me everything about Jenna. I asked him how he knew it and turns out there really good friends.


Jenna's POV:

Then the bell rang and I ran out of the lunch room. I went to 5 more classes and Justin's in every single one of them. When I got into Ashley's car and she was quiet until she said "You can't trust Justin." I replied YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM THOUGH. She said "He hangs out with the ex." I said just because he hangs out with YOUR ex doesn't mean he's like him. I then said stop the car. She said "why?" I replied STOP THE CAR!!!!!! She slammed on the brakes and I opened the car door and slammed the car door shut. I walked to my house and went up to my room and put down my stuff. My mom wasn't home. I then heard the doorbell ring and it was Justin.

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