Found The Evidence

Stubborn but Sassy girl, Jenna is a Junior in high school. When she thinks about her past with her old boyfriend she never wants another boyfriend again but when the new kid comes to school she falls for him. Little does she know about his past...


3. Jaden

Jenna's POV:

When I answered the door, Justin was there. I asked him why he was there and he said we need to start the English project. So I said sure and we went up to my room and began working on my project. I got bored so I threw my pencil at him. He laughed and said oh you're going to get it! He attacked me and began tickling me. I was laughing to the point where I couldn't breath. I screamed JUSTIN and he let go. He started rolling on the floor laughing and I pretended to be mad so I just went to my room and started to work on the project. His smile dropped and he said "Jenna. Jennaaa!" I looked at him and he said sorry and I laughed. He was like "WHATS SO FUNNY?" I laughed and said I tricked you. Then, he looked at his phone and said "shoot I have to go." I said okay and he grabbed his coat and walked to the door. I followed him. He then stopped and turned around. He faced me and grabbed my hands. I would usually pull back but I didn't this time. He then said "Jenna Maree Torres will you be my girlfriend?" I stopped and thought for a moment. I then replied... Yes. He jumped up and down like a little girl and hugged me. He then said our date is tomorrow right after school. He then kissed my forehead and left. I then closed the door and locked it. I then screamed. I then made myself some tea and went to sleep.

The Next Day:

Jenna's POV:

I woke up and the first thing I thought of was Justin. I smiled at the thought and changed. I wore a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top with some sandals. I grabbed my bag and went to school. I still mad at Ashley and she's going to be mad at me when she finds out that me and Justin are dating. I sighed at the thought. Then, I heard a car pull up next to me. Someone rolled down the window, and it was JUSTIN! He said "does a pretty lady need a ride?" I laughed and jumped in the car. He played a song and I realized it was one of his songs! I smiled and began singing. He looked at me and stopped the music. I didn't realized at first so I kept singing then I stopped. I looked at him and he said "you have an amazing voice." I laughed and said "very funny." We then arrived at school. He opened my door and as soon as I stepped out of the car, his arm was around me. I smiled and walked into the school. Everyone looked at us as we entered and I felt awkward. I looked up at Justin and he winked at me. Jaden walked up to Justin and smacked him. I just tried to break them up but Jaden pushed him aside and Justin punched Jaden. Jaden got knocked out and Justin had his lip bleeding. I grabbed Justin's hand and ran to my locker. I cleaned his lip and kissed him. He smiled and said "I feel much better now." I giggled and hugged him. Justin then went to the bathroom to change shirts because he got blood on his white t-shirt and I turned around. I began grabbing my books from my locker when I got pushed into lockers. I turned around and Jaden was holding me up against my locker. He then said "What the hell?! Why are you dating that jerk?" I pushed him off of me and I replied "don't swear at me Jaden. You're lucky you didn't get arrested for almost trying to murder me. Leave me and MY life alone." I slammed my locker and went to class. Jaden grabbed my arm and punched me in the eye.

Justin's POV

Jenna walked into the room with tears running down her face and cupping her left eye. I went up to her and asked her what happened. She said that Jaden punched her in the eye. I got up and walked out of the classroom. I went to Jaden's class and walked in. I punched him in is stomach. He said "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I responded "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND. IF YOU TOUCH HER ONE MORE FUCKING TIME. THIS WON'T BE THE LAST TIME YOU SEE ME." With that I walked out of the classroom and went to my classroom. I grabbed Jenna and picked her up bridal style. I then walked out of school with my girlfriend. I'll pick you up at 5:00, Jenna. She said okay and I drove her home.

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