Midnight Love

I'm Nicole Cullen. The daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. I'm the younger. sister of Renesmee Cullen. So I'm only 17 years old.
I have a crush on Seth Clearwater. Which is Renesmee's boyfriend, Jacob Black's best friend.
But there's just one problem: I'm half vampire. And he's a full werewolf.
My parents wouldn't allow me to date a werewolf but Renesmee is.
But once Seth asked me to be his girlfriend, in front of my parents, I said yes.
So now, I'm in a relationship with Seth. And my mom is happy for me, but not my dad. How can I win my dad over to be happy for me as well?


1. Chapter One

I'm Nicole Cullen. Daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. Younger sister of Renesmee Cullen. I'm 17 years old. I'm currently dating Seth Clearwater. 

Before, My dad didn't want me to date a werewolf. But he let's my sister date Jacob Black, who is a werewolf. But when I was first born into this world, Seth apparently imprinted on me. (Seth told me his self that he imprinted on me.)

Once my dad found out about Seth imprinting on me, let's just say, he wasn't to happy with the fact that it happen for a second time. But my mom on the other hand, she was happy with it because she knew I would have someone to protect me once I'm older and living on my own.

After turning 16 and dating Seth, dad had kicked me out for no reason. So I'm now living with my sister and Jacob.

I still wonder till this day why my dad doesn't want me to date Seth. Well to date anyone.. I think it's because I'm his baby girl and he doesn't want anything to happen to me.

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