Drunk In Love.

Theres a twist at the end��


2. Chapter Two.

We was both at work and I had been thinking about sending this for hours but I finally clicked the send button. The text said "Baby, we really need to speak when we get home❤️" but he didn't reply, that really bummed me off.

Worried, madly in love, scared and sexually thrustrated all at once. Finally we got home, we sat down and we started to talk "What has been wrong with you lately?" I said. "Nothing, it's just work and things getting on top of me lately, you know what its like." He replied. I wasn't quite convinced this was all but I said "Oh okay, but can we go back to how we was, because I really miss that?" "Sure baby, I would like that!" He smiled.

Well that night we watched a film in bed, we cuddled for the first time in ages, it was great, but I just had a feeling he wasn't comptable. In the morning it was just the same as it had been for the last 1 and a half months, he had no interest in me what so ever he didn't even look at me never mind say a single word.

I got to work and I said to myself "There has got to be something wrong, I can't handle this anymore!" I waited until I got home to say something because I didnt want him to feel like i was annoying him. This behaviour was still going on he wasn't speaking. "Harry what the hell is wrong with you, I cant do this anymore, why are you ignoring me!" I screamed.

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