Drunk In Love.

Theres a twist at the end��


1. Chapter One.

It had been 2 years today me and Harry had first got together and I was worried.

I was worried because he had been acting weird lately, coming home early hours in the morning, not speaking to me much, not having our normal cuddles and we haven't even had sex in a while.

Has he got something to hide? That question span around and around in my head all day, everyday. But, I thought, I'm not a true girlfriend if I don't trust him am I? I convinced myself i trusted him and nothing was going on.

I loved him so much, we have fought so hard for this relationship, we have been through many things and I thought i would never loose him. He was the only thing inportant in my life, the thing that you know, kept me going.

This whole no talking thing went on for about a month, I know, What was I thinking right? I was just madly in love and I didn't want to say the wrong thing that would make us fall out.

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