The jigsaw intern

its Amanda Hoffman first day at the school of Jigsaw but she has 2 big secrets will the be revealed or will her and her husband keep them to their selves but one thing is that Amanda is hated cause she knows so much about the saw traps already the 2 people that hate her are Luke and jenny cause she knows more than them already but will they find out that she is married to mark Hoffman? one thing is that Amanda Hoffman is 6 months pregnant and all she wants to do is be an apprentice to the main jigsaw but who is the main one Mark Hoffman or is it John Kramer? the answer is the main Jigsaw is Amanda's husband Mark and all his wants is to have his one true love as his apprentice.


2. Home

As Amanda’s first day at the Jigsaw school has ended she was waiting in the car for Mark to finish and come out, she was in a black BMW holding her stomach and telling the baby to calm down, as Mark heads to the car he sees Amanda rubbing her stomach cause the baby is kicking more than normal as Mark gets in the car he sees Amanda holding her belly and he sees her face with a pain look on it

“Baby what’s wrong”

Mark said in a concerned voice, as Amanda looked back at him she seen he was worried and she wanted to give him a hug but she turned round and said

“It’s the baby its really kicking babe its kicking more than normal and its really hurting”

As Amanda looked at the school gates she turned round and said to mark

“Lets just go home so I can rest cause I think that’s why the baby is kicking cause I have been on the move all day.”


As Mark and Amanda drove away they where spotted by two people a teacher and a student the teacher was Lawrence Gordon and the student was Luke now they all knew how Amanda Louise Hoffman knew so much about the jigsaw traps and why Mark pulled her out of Amanda Young’s class but what they still didn’t know was that their married.


Just as Mark and Amanda get home and into the house mark’s phone goes off it was Lawrence asking him if it was ok to come over for the night as him and Alison had an argument and he couldn’t stay in the same house any more,


mark said as he looked at Amanda she knew that something had happened and just looked at him and said

“mark can you trust Lawrence not to say anything to tell any one we are married or does he already know about us?”

mark just looked at her and said

“babe with Lawrence he already knows we are married and he knows you are having a baby don’t worry he is a doctor and can help you with the pain”

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