The jigsaw intern

its Amanda Hoffman first day at the school of Jigsaw but she has 2 big secrets will the be revealed or will her and her husband keep them to their selves but one thing is that Amanda is hated cause she knows so much about the saw traps already the 2 people that hate her are Luke and jenny cause she knows more than them already but will they find out that she is married to mark Hoffman? one thing is that Amanda Hoffman is 6 months pregnant and all she wants to do is be an apprentice to the main jigsaw but who is the main one Mark Hoffman or is it John Kramer? the answer is the main Jigsaw is Amanda's husband Mark and all his wants is to have his one true love as his apprentice.


1. Amanda's first day

It was the first day at the school of jigsaw and all the students had been there for years apart from Mark Hoffman’s wife Amanda Louise Hoffman she was the new girl that no one liked until they found out who she was married to but for now she was keeping that to her to herself.


As the first day starts her first class was infact being taught by her husband Mark, as the class starts he calls the register the first name he shouted was Rose then Jenny then Angelina then Sara then Luke then the last name was Amanda’s but as it come down to hers she was already in a fight with Luke who hated her cause she knew a lot about the jigsaw traps already being as she was married to jigsaw.


Watching Amanda walk up the corridor was Mark he knew something wasn’t right with her cause when he woke up this morning she was already up and dressed but she was holding her stomach like she was ill but she was talking to it too it was like she was pregnant or something.


As Amanda heads to the next class Mark follows her and asks the next teacher which is Amanda Young

“Can I borrow Amanda Hoffman for a sec please I need to give her the results of her first class with me”

As Amanda young asks for Amanda Hoffman to go with Mark,

As Amanda leaves the class and walks down the corridor she says

“What the hell Mark is you trying to get our secret out or what”

As he looks at her and replies

“Amanda are you pregnant or something cause when I woke up at 06:00 you where already up and dressed before me and you where talking to your stomach”

As Amanda looks back and smiles she says

“Yes I am but I think we should wait for a few days before we tell any one here that we are married or that I am having a baby.”

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