my little girl, and Harry's

Hi my name is Branlee, ya I know weird name but that is ok, im 18 years old living in an apartment in Chesire, England with my daughter Saige she is 2 months old her father was my best friend but now my worst enemy, Harry Edward Styles. Why did I ever like him what will I tell Saige when she asks about her dad ? Ughhh why me ?


18. what !

What ?? Why would he do that ?? He said he liked a different girl. Harry got up and wrapped me in  a hug and said I love you Branlee. I just stayed silent.1 week later. My alarm buzzed iwas now back in Chesire ,,, living with Harry. I got up and picked up Saige. Trenton and Bailey were still sleeping. I walked downstairs into the kitchen Harry was at the table stabbong his egg with his fork woah was up with you I asked while adjusting my glasses and sitting Saige in her highchair umm nothing just thinking about things ya know. Ummm ok. I heard Trenton wake up which woke Bailey up me and Harry smiled and headed up the stairs Saige with Louis who lives here to. I walked into Bailey's room and he walked into Trenton's we both grabbed them and changed them. Bailey into a short that said SYCO on ot andblack pants and some purple socks a pink pasfir stuck in her mouth and her blonde bangs swept back with a green flower clip. Trenton into a drummer shirt and dark blue pants and green socks and a blue pasfir in his mouth his red hair going down his forehead. We walked dpwn the stairs and sat them in the high chairs  Saige had finished her bannanas I took her up stairs and changed her into a green long sleeved shirt and red jeans and purple socks just letting her brown curls go wild. She smiled and I took her downstairs.  I sat her in a play pen seat and sat down I fed bailey her bottle while Harry fed Trenton his.  Me and harry somehow got back together I know right , weird I am now Trenton's adoptive mom. :))

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