my little girl, and Harry's

Hi my name is Branlee, ya I know weird name but that is ok, im 18 years old living in an apartment in Chesire, England with my daughter Saige she is 2 months old her father was my best friend but now my worst enemy, Harry Edward Styles. Why did I ever like him what will I tell Saige when she asks about her dad ? Ughhh why me ?


24. it was a week later,

It was a week later and we were now on our way back to Michigan on the t.Blake had gone to jail and was in there for 15 years. I looked around the car everyone was sleeping exept for Louis, Harry, and me Louis was dozing off so Harry offered to drive Louis went back and fell asleep next to the kids I laid down on the blankets and fell asleep to. I woke up to a slamming sound I heard crying as Louis tried to get up, I then realized I could not get up the car was smashed in I heard Harry yelling but that was the last thing I heard before my eyes shut. I woke up in a hospital room surrounded by presents and ballons I turned to my right and saw Harry it looked as if he had been crying alot "Branlee !" "I smilsd and said right away how are the others ?" "Oh umm well Louis just hit his head and has stitches Trenton has a cast on his foot, Saige has a brace on her hand and well Bailey she um had a concusion and her index finger and thumb are broken along withher ankle." "As for you miss you had a concusion and now have a scar on your head." "Umm ok im just glad no one died but how am I going to pay those bills ?" " Don't worry about that me and Louis covered it." I then sent him a grateful smile. The next day everyone ledt the hospital turns out we were in Cambridge, Ohio really close to Michigan about 4 more hours. I flipped on the car light and Harry helped ms get the kids in their new seats we have a rental car, the driver who hit us was drunk and well I think he is still in the hospital. I propped up Trenton's foot and sat him down, I sat a pillow under Saige's wrist and finnaly propped up Bailey's ankle and put a pillow under her broken fingers I gave Bailey some little toys . And Harry started to play with her. I gave the other two some toys and turned on Netflix once again I went up to the front of the car and sat with Louis we talked until we got to our house. It looked thesame as we left it we un packed all pur stuff then all took a kid to play with I had Saige in her room Harry had Trenton in his and Louis had Bailey in his room. Im glad Blake is gone my family is no longer in danger.
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