my little girl, and Harry's

Hi my name is Branlee, ya I know weird name but that is ok, im 18 years old living in an apartment in Chesire, England with my daughter Saige she is 2 months old her father was my best friend but now my worst enemy, Harry Edward Styles. Why did I ever like him what will I tell Saige when she asks about her dad ? Ughhh why me ?


7. in the present

I woke up to my room mates Emma and Sam saying Branlee get up Your boss  just called you have a meeting with some music artists today. Oh great I got up and went to go get Saige I picked her up from her crib and put her in a blue wunzie for today I gave her a pasfir and took her to my room. I sat her in a neck pillow so she would not fall and decided to get ready I put on black skinny jeans and a flowy purple shirt I tied my hair into a high ponytail and slipped on my purple toms. I picked up Saige and took her downstairs I gave her a bottle of milk and made my self a smoothie. After Breakfast I strapped Saige into her car seat in the backseat with a blanket since it was cold here in Chesire. I walked to the doors when we got there. I took Saige in my arms and walked in I went to the second floor and opened my studio doors I write songs for SYCO records. I opened the door to see none other than One Direction sitting on my couch I cringed once I saw Harry Saige looked just like him green eyes curly brown hair and flawless skin and of course dimples. Branlee???? Asked Harry ummm yeah, who is that kid ? My 4 month old baby girl Saige. So ya got your self knocked up when I was gone ? Harry was standing up now. For your information I did not go get knocked up after YOU  left me  this is your child Styles don't talk to me like that ever again and with that I walked out .



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