my little girl, and Harry's

Hi my name is Branlee, ya I know weird name but that is ok, im 18 years old living in an apartment in Chesire, England with my daughter Saige she is 2 months old her father was my best friend but now my worst enemy, Harry Edward Styles. Why did I ever like him what will I tell Saige when she asks about her dad ? Ughhh why me ?


4. authors note

Heyyy people my name is Lindy and I will be writing this story I know you guys probably think Branlee is a weird name but I think it is ADORABLE. Anyway I love writing when im older I want to be a journalist so please be supportive of me :))) I will need people in this story so when I ask write on the comments below bye my directioners ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥- Lindy

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