my little girl, and Harry's

Hi my name is Branlee, ya I know weird name but that is ok, im 18 years old living in an apartment in Chesire, England with my daughter Saige she is 2 months old her father was my best friend but now my worst enemy, Harry Edward Styles. Why did I ever like him what will I tell Saige when she asks about her dad ? Ughhh why me ?


26. 14 years later

Hi my name is Saige Alice Styles im Branlee daughter im now 15 years old, Trenton and Bailey are almost 14. I have 3 other sibilings then them Layla and lily the 8 year old gwins and the newest member of our family Braxton who is 2 months old my dad is now put of One Direction it was a long time ago. Zayn and his wife Perrie have two kids Zach 15 and Abby 7. Niall and his wife emma have 3 kids Maddie 15 my best friend Jacob 13  and Bella 6. Liam and his wife Sophia have 2 kids Ally 13 and Jayla 7 then louis and elanour have 4 Addison 12 Ashton 10 and Mckenna who is also 2months old. I have always kinda had a crush on Zach so does Maddie. He looks like his parents, black hair like his dad and pretty blue eyes like his mum. We all go to the same school Lakeland elementary, Middle, and high. all of pur houses are in a row, Niall's, mine,Zayn's Louis and Liams.

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