Don't let me go, please


2. Hello

Erica POV

I woke up in my bed? I don't remember going to my room. Wait, I remember falling asleep with Niall on the COUCH!! Did we do something? No that's not possible.. Niall would never take advantage of me like that... Or would he because he thinks that he won't have the chance before I die? Whatever it was I'm just going to call him.

Phone call

Hey NiNi?

Yes princess?

Umm yesterday do we um you know like did I-

No sweetheart I would never take advantage of you like that.

Oh thank god! I was getting worried but yeah do you want to get food with me?

Oh um I'm sorry I can't I'm with the boys.

Oh ok

Would you like to meet them?

OMG YESSSS!!! I'm like fangirling right now!

Ok princess see you in about 5 minutes.

End of phone call

OMFG! I am going to meet One Freaking Direction!! I have to find something to wear! I have to look presentable because 1) I'm dating Niall Horan 2) I'm meeting One Direction! So I end up wearing a high wasted skirt and a crop top with converses. 5 minutes slowly pass and then I hear a knock! I'm come running down from upstairs and open the door to see my beautiful boyfriend "Hey beautiful." He whispers trying to seduce me but fails miserably. "Hi NiNi." And soon before I know it we are on out way to meet Niall's band mates!!

---------------Car ride------------------------------

Once we get there I start getting nervous. Like why wouldn't I? I'm meeting the biggest boy band ever! Niall notices and holds my hand making me relax more. We knock and all I hear are rushing feet and boys yelling. Then the door suddenly opens and there stands 4 amazingly cute and talented boys! "Hey guys this is my girlfriend Erica!" He sounded really peppy. I shyly smiled and waved. "Woah Niall she is fit!" Harry whispered to Niall but I still heard and that only made me blush more than I already was, but then Niall said something in Harry's ear. "Stay away from her Harry she is mine! I love her way more than you ever will so back off!" He said in a low sexy voice. We talked for about 10 minutes and during that time you could see Harry staring at you and Niall sending him death glares. Out of no where Louis screams "TRUTH OR DARE!!" We all agree and sat ourselves in a circle. Of course I was in Niall's lap and Harry was across from me then Louis was on my left, Zayn was on my right, and last Liam was diagonal. "Zayn truth or dare?" Liam asked "truth." Zayn said "ok um how many tattoos do you have?" "I don't know." He said lowly. "Erica truth or dare?" He again said lowly. I got really nervous and blurted out "truth!" Great now they think I'm a whimp. "Alright have you gotten freaky in the bed with Niall yet?" He said with a smirk. ALL of the boys started busting out laughing but Niall and I stayed quite with red cheeks. I finally answered and said "no.." And the room went silent. It was very awkward. Then I said "ok Harry truth or dare?" To end the silence he looked up and smirked "dare." I looked at Niall because I didn't have any good dares then he whispered something in my ear which made me smile. "Ok Harry your dare is to go get Nutella from the kitchen scoop 3 scoops out and but it in your no no square and leave it there for the rest of the night." He slowly got up went into the kitchen got the Nutella and came back into the living room. He started to unbuckle his pants and Niall quickly put his hands above my eyes so I wouldn't see any of his you know what. When he was done Niall took his hands off. "Ok Niall truth or dare?" Harry said in his husky voice. "Dare." Niall said "aww trying to impress your lady?" Zayn said laughing. Niall went tomato red and Harry said "Alright I dare you to go to your bedroom and we will lock you in there for 30 minutes and you will be able to do what ever you want with Erica." Then he winked. Everyone started laughing and I slowly grabbed Niall's hand and dragged him to the room.

Niall's POV

"Guys just please don't stand by the door!" I begged knowing I was going to loose my virginity right now. "Ok ok just have fun we will be back in 30 minutes." I wiped my hands on my pants and slowly entered the room. I walked over to her and said "we don't have to-" "I have an idea!" she blurted out but quite enough for no one to hear. "Ok so we will make noises and stuff and get under the blankets and just cuddle for 30 minutes and we mess our hair up and everything like that." That was a magnificent Idea. It would fool all of them. "That's a perfect idea!" So we got under the covers and cuddle making some noises sometimes and we messed our hair up. Next thing you know there are 4 guys laughing in our room. We sit up and act all embarrassed then they all leave. "This will be our little secret and we will act all sexual now just to fool them? Yeah?" She asked genuinely excited. "Of course princess." So we walk back out hand in hand all lovey dovey. The boys all wolf whistle and wink and congratulate us. Haha if they only knew! That night Erica was really turning me on! I have never felt so out of control before. She was helping cool diner and when she was done she came to me and sat down on my lap. FUCK!!! This is really hot! The way she sits there looking all innocent. It's really hot! I wonder if she is doing this on purpose... I will have to find out. "Meet princess will you get up real quick I need to talk to Zayn real quick." She got up and practically put her butt in my face! I'm not saying I didn't mind but omg her butt is- what am I saying I need to talk to Zayn. "ZAYN WILL YOU COME HERE?" "Yeah sure one sec." Once he got to my room I guess he could see it in my eyes and said "what's wrong mate?"he asked concerned. "Erica is turning me on!" I can't believe it. "Woah there mate, calm down I'll ask her if she is doing it on purpose." And with that he walked out.

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