Managment's a Bitch! (1D fanfic) ON HOLD

Diana Ross is a Star, A model, Dancer, Singer and she's only 18. Her life gets turned upside down by one call from the modest management. To get her star status up she must fake a realtionship with her enemy since kindergarten, Harry Styles. It was his idea all along and when Diana finds out. Things go bad.


3. dickhead

Diana's POV


"NO!" I groaned as I looked under my pillow for my phone to hit the snooze button, today I was going to dance rehearsals for little mix's new music video "salute"

I dragged myself out of my bed to the bathroom

I washed my face with cold water to wake up

I put in my nosering and went to my closet to find my black Adidas short and Adidas sports bra, then I took my hair up in a ponytail and then my black nike roshe run on, then i filled my bag with deo, towel and bottle with water.

I then checked myself in my mirror before going to the studio, it was SO hot outside!

*skipping dance rehearsals*

"Okay, you NEED to tell me who's idea it was?" I sat on the other side if the little round table at starbucks

"I-I can't" my manager stunned

"But you HAVE TO"


"Or else"

"Or else what?"

"I'll fire you!" My eyes squinted at her

"Okay, okay! I got a call from Modest! Management that someone requested it, and I thought, hm why not, so I got a deal with them" she leaned her back against the chair

"You WHAT!!" I almost screamed

"I did! And you can go as "HARRY STYLES MYSTERY GIRL"" she putted her hands up in the air

"OMG! I must find out who requested it to M!" I squealed and then leaved

"Okay, good luck!" My manager yelled through Starbucks



"Hello what can I help you with?" The lady through the phone said with her

Monotone voice

"I would like to talk to the one who have Modest! Management!" I said directly

"And who is this?" The lady said

"Diana Ross!" I said

"Oh okay, do you want to speak to them no-"

"Now yes now please!" I commanded

"Okay hold on a minute"

Then there where silence except for the waiting music there was

"Hello who am I talking to?" The man said

"Diana Ross"

"Oh Diana what a pleasure!" The manager knew what was wrong

"I just want to know who suggested the whole thing with Harry and I" I said with my sweet sugar voice I don't usually do

"Well it's kinda privat" he said

"Say it! Know!!"

"Huh. Okay, it was Harry himself" the manager sighed

"What?" I whispered, how, why? wHY? WHY?! I took the phone out from my ear

"Hello Diana are you there?" I then clicked the end button

I took on my black skinny jeans on and my black shirt and then my champagne coloured long flowy coat and then my nike shoes.


*knock* *knock*

I knocked on the big mansion door, I knocked for awhile until I heard the door unlock

"Diana?!" Harry said like it was a surprise

"Save it Harry! Can I come in?" I looked behind him

"Sure" he smirked, I saw it and put my index finger up in front of my face to like signal, NO!

"Do you want some tea?" He said turning on the hot water

"Yes" I said sitting on one of the white soft chairs

"Here" he said giving me a cup of earl grey tea with milk

"Thanks" I said

"So.. Here's the thing" I said putting the tea on the table and crossing my fingers, Harry looked confused

"Was it you who suggested the whole thing with us being a "couple" I said making bunny ears at couple

He thought for a minute but then answered

"Uhm, yes it was, but only to help you" he said

"Help me?" I asked with a confusing look

"Yes? You know like dating me will make you even more popular"

"Excuse me?" I said looking surprised

"You're welcome" he said taking a sip of his tea

"Dickhead" I said

"What?" He said

"Nothing" I then stood up and then exited myself out


"Wait Diana!" He said standing in the door

"What?" I said turning to face him, then he put his lips on mine and holding my face In his hands

"What are you doing!?" I said pushing him away

"Just for the audience" I the. Turned around to see paparazzi's all over his front yard

"It can might as well come out now" he smirked, I then slapped him and went pass the surprised paparazzi's and then home.


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