Bounty Hunter

In the wild west anything can go wrong, William Turner learns this the hard way when his dad Timothy Turner , a bounty hunter , is murdered in cold-blood. He takes up his fathers work to support his sickly mother, armed with no weapons , little money ,and little supplies will he even life long enough to survive the first week of his new job ?


2. oh wow.

As I awoke, in a bed I didn't recognize, I wondered where the hell am I ? Oh your awake! A women's voice said. I asked , what's going on ?? You passed out in the middle of the road, my husband James McCloud found you. He brought you back here to our home. Well thank you....... but I really don't want to be a burden, I ........I should go..... No! it's alright! she reassured me. Your to young to be out by yourself when you don't know what your doing.she told me Hey wait a minute I know wha......No you don't. A voice interrupted me. The name's James McCloud, That's my wife Bonnie. He introduced himself and his wife. Um......Turner......William Turner......... He looked shocked. Are you the son of Tim Turner? Yes! I told him, surprised he knew my dad.
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