Wolves of Churchill

Grace never knew of her supernatural powers , she meets many people at her school who also posses powers similar to her own , as she joins their group , exclusively wolves/mediums/alchemists , known as the wolves of Churchill . as she is sworn to secrecy , she finds out things aren't what they seem , and that her and her friends aren't the only ones with supernatural abilities !


2. When secrets slip

Um-mm Grace, are....are you insane? Robby asked me as both the boys looked at me funny. What do you mean? I mumbled and started to tremble as I feared something had happened. Were you thinking out loud? whatever that wolf stuff was about? Drake asked me. No................. I uttered, they were not supposed to know nobody was, I was snapping, I couldn't contain the wolf any longer, my last sight before it happened was Robby looking worried, so was Drake, but his muscles were tense, he was ready to defend himself if need be. As I started to growl at Robby, he was scared, but Drake appeared in front of him, in between us. He was always very quick footed. He stuck his hand out in front of my face and said. "Stand down Grace....or whatever you are." He was always a fun guy, but when he got serious, you didn't wanna mess with him. I remembered who they were, and I took of into the forest, Robby lived out in the country, so that wasn't far, I turned back to a human and I started Crying, whaling like a little girl.....I just let out my biggest secret, and tried to kill my closest friends.......
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