Wolves of Churchill

Grace never knew of her supernatural powers , she meets many people at her school who also posses powers similar to her own , as she joins their group , exclusively wolves/mediums/alchemists , known as the wolves of Churchill . as she is sworn to secrecy , she finds out things aren't what they seem , and that her and her friends aren't the only ones with supernatural abilities !


5. What was that ?

I sent all five wolves at him, I told them attack as you wish. he took up a defensive posture, as the first wolf charged at him, he moved out of the way of his lunge and grabbed the wolf and threw it at two others, then when the fourth charged he hit it with a brutal body uppercut. I swore i felt it from 20 feet away, and I heard my wolf brethren wince from there too. the fifth one finally charged, Drake dodged and threw him at pile of the other three wolves, who were piled up before, I can't believe it we can even touch him, he is too quick. As he threw the fifth wolf, at the three, he hit two but the third one jumped high into the air , Drake then went into a squatting position , as i wondered what he was doing, his hands cupped together, and I seen energy start flowing around his body, in an very intense aura, and an energy ball appeared, In between his cupped hands. It grew quickly to the size of a basketball. He threw it at the wolf wolf who by this time had made it too him. And an huge explosion appeared, it was fiery, it was more like dark brown , thick dust. I wondered were they okay, and what are we dealing with?
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