Wolves of Churchill

Grace never knew of her supernatural powers , she meets many people at her school who also posses powers similar to her own , as she joins their group , exclusively wolves/mediums/alchemists , known as the wolves of Churchill . as she is sworn to secrecy , she finds out things aren't what they seem , and that her and her friends aren't the only ones with supernatural abilities !


3. Come quietly.

I was lucky, Dalton ,the Alpha ,did not punish me for letting out our secret . he just made me take a group of wolves to capture them for turning, I told him I couldn't but he said it was the only way for me to redeem myself, Robby will whine but won't be too bad to deal with but Drake had amazing willpower, they called him Drake "The Dragon" Williams, he was a talented fighter, best in the class and he had the ferocity of a dragon, he would not fall so easily . As we surrounded them all seen was Drake there, meditating, he has been doing that alot recently, Robby was in the tent. Grace....... know your there, and you brought friends. Drake said softly so people wouldn't hear him just us wolves. But how? I asked, there is no way he could've known, at least no way I could think of. I can sense you, and your friends, and Robby in the tent . your not the only one with powers . He remarked. Now why are you here? He asked. I have to take you back to the house,we have to turn you into a wolf, same with Robby. Please come easy, I really don't want to hurt you. I pleaded with him, he was pretty much a brother of mine. I will come, but I will not be turned into a wolf ! he said loudly.
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