Wolves of Churchill

Grace never knew of her supernatural powers , she meets many people at her school who also posses powers similar to her own , as she joins their group , exclusively wolves/mediums/alchemists , known as the wolves of Churchill . as she is sworn to secrecy , she finds out things aren't what they seem , and that her and her friends aren't the only ones with supernatural abilities !


7. Best-friend, Former best-firend

I charged at Drake and he tried to dodge like he did with the other wolves, to no success. I didn't connect completely though, I looked back at him, he face was slashed across the face,it will probably scar. Drake tried to start his intense aura, I lunged at him before he could, but on the way down He grabbed my arms so I couldn't get leverage. we wrestled around a bit before he threw me a few meters away. We both got up. We look at each other, we started to run at each other, he jumped then I followed. I noticed he started leaning to the right, then we passed each other then I noticed he pulled a knife out of his back pocket, which he then used to stab me in the back with, I felt pain shot up my back, then through the rest of my body as I hit the ground,my last sight was my former best-friend, standing over me. The wolf that Drake first knocked out woke up, Hello Drake said. Listen and listen carefully, I will let you go unharmed, on 2 conditions. 1. take Grace and the others back to where ever it is you wolves hide. Take her there and make sure she gets well. 2.tell your leader we won't tell anyone about your secret. Um........My name is Drake.....what's yours? he asked me and of me. .....Jaime.. the wolf answered.
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