Wolves of Churchill

Grace never knew of her supernatural powers , she meets many people at her school who also posses powers similar to her own , as she joins their group , exclusively wolves/mediums/alchemists , known as the wolves of Churchill . as she is sworn to secrecy , she finds out things aren't what they seem , and that her and her friends aren't the only ones with supernatural abilities !


1. Backround

Aha oh my gosh!, that was the best ! My friend Robby said. Yeah! sucks summers........almost over....... my other friend Drake said Aha I had weird Friends Drake and Robby were weird, Robby had blond hair, green eyes and was pretty quirky, but he had a girl friend, I could see why girls found him cute, but I didn't but after all we were like brother and sister. Drake was off too, the guy was obsessed with 'Dragon ball Z' he had brownish-reddish hair and green eyes, terrible with girls. All three of us were into martial arts, along with some of Drake's friends But I have a secret, sometimes.......at night I turn into a wolf and just go outside, and I've killed a few people.................. Fortunately There is wolves at my school who stopped me before I killed to many, and the let me in there group there is a ton of us. Under the leader there is 7 of us we all were born with our wolf powers, but we get other wolves of the time, that are created through alchemy, they are not as strong, there is 17 of them, plus are leader who is like us that makes 25 of us, we defend the planet from supernatural threats...
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