Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


10. Silly Confessions About: Ideal Bad Boy

Ok so I have a confession.

In my story "Ideal Bad Boy", The boy Bronson Thornton? Whelp, that was the name of one of me ex boyfriends. XD 

I don't know why, but I wanted to name him Bronson Thornton so badly! XD I guess I can see why. 

Ok he was my big brother's friend((oh lawd isn't there a song about that? XD)) and he just friended me on Facebook and I'm like "Who da heck be this?" ((Not really how I talk xD you get the gist though!)) I looked at his page am it said that he was my big brother's friend. So I said to myself that he must not be that bad, since my brother is friends with him. So we talked and I don't usually care, but he was CUTE! Personality wise. Physical, oh he was really hawt((like oooohhhhh mama I want that butt hawt! XD oh lawd I really hope he doesn't see this one day! I will DIE! XD)), but I don't really care for looks. Man he was so funny, and sweet and nice. I would take my mom's phone just to talk to him late at night. I told him that a bunch of people call me nicknames and that it means the person and I are really close, so I asked him to give me a nickname. He said "I have one!" 

Me: "What is it?"

Bronson: "My girlfriend." 

Ooooohhhh I was blushing soooooo hard, man! I was like "O-ok." And my big brother didn't know any of this. XD I told him like, a year later, and he said "-.- figures." XD

We have grown this kind of relationship where we talk and get really close and then he just doesn't answer any of my texts or my calls or my messages and then a year or two later he's like "Hey! How are you doing Princess?" Right now, it's the part where he doesn't answery calls or texts or anything. XD man I somewhat hate him, yet still love him. I even remember our first kiss. X3 aaaaaahhhh good times.


It's silly, yet so true. XD

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