Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


7. Poem


~Thou hath changed thine feelings towardeth me.~

~Thine loving hands would hold me, now thine hands smiteth me.~

~Am I different?~

~Am I no longer thine's favourite accomplishment?~

~These hands thou had helped shape,~

~Doth thou deny my entire existence?~

~How I long for thine warm embrace.~

~How much I miss thy words of love and pride.~

~Now I layeth in a pool of my own tears,~

~Wondering what ever did I do wrong.~

~Why doth thine not love me anymore?~

~Will I ever know?~

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