Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


9. Diary Entry #3

So tomorrow I am going to the movies! I'm very excited! But first, my friend Emily is going to pick me up and we're going to walk to Publix from her house and get a big tub of Nutella and we're gonna pig out on it once we get to her house, since we gonna earn it! All that "exercise", yeah we gonna get down and pig out! XD And then we shall get ready and hot for the movie, an once we get there we're going to pig out on soda and popcorn xD. By the end of the day we'll have food babies! XD 

I am excited because I haven't had a social interaction with other human beings since Feb. 15, and that was uncomfortable. But now I'll get to meet people who don't know me and hate me. Yet! XD hahaha!


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