Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


4. Diary Entry #1

I am quite excited:


For in 7 days((next Friday)) ,


I am going to my first Social outing.

I do not count church as social, I count it as an interaction with The Lord with a community. I barely even talk to the children my age. This will be my first social interaction with other human beings in a month or two! The last one was Feb. 15. And it was with people near my age, who don't even LIKE to talk to me. I still enjoyed my snowboarding. 


This will be with NEW people! My friend Emily and I are going to a RUSH((a youth group from Bethel Church that Emily attends to Wednesdays)) event. RUSH's pastor Brian Mendel rented the carmine cinemas to see the new Movie, God's Not Dead. He gave Emily two things to give to me: a God's Not Dead door thingy((those things you put on your doorknob that usually says 'Do not disturb'.)) and a book that summarises the whole bible. And a movie ticket to the RUSH event. I am excited! How I missed human touch and interaction. 

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