Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


12. Almost 2 Years Now

It's been a while since I even thought of Movellas. It's good to look back at this, I really am happy.

A lot has happened, and frankly I feel like I'm falling back into my same pit of despair that I was trying to climb out of when I first got on here. But that's another story to be told of later, when it's not so real and trying to kill me.

I've changed quite a bit, in more ways then one. First off, I'd lost 5 pants sizes and more weight than I can count, which I'm happy about. Exercise makes me feel so normal in a few ways.

I'm 16 now, going to be 17 in a few months. I'm honestly so terrified of getting older, I'm trying not to cry. I don't fear death or anything, but just the thought of growing up terrifies me and keeps me up at night.

I'd like to think with my aging I became more thoughtful and mature. Of course I'm still the RAWR XD. cx

So much has happened, but I have so little time.


I hope you all are doing well. I want to thank you all for supporting me and reading whatever I put and helped me when I was in coping from being in a rough time in life. Tell me how you guys are in the comments, I'll try to come back on tomorrow. (:



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