Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


3. 7th Grade Confessions

I had two other friends. Lets call them Sally and Graham. Sally was a year older than all of us, I think it's either because she was held back like me, or was born late; they're just theories. She was- kinda out of it. She would wear voodoo necklaces((although she claimed herself Christian; maybe that's her style?)) and would take nude, semi-nude, and partially nude pictures of herself with her phone. I looked up to her- she was like a big sister/role model for me, so I followed her suit. Sebby would beg me for more pictures. I showed one to my current boyfriend then- Andy. I still can not forgive myself for those blasted pictures; I wish I never took them. But I knew the reason Sally did this- to get attention. Just like I did. I wanted attention, but I got it the wrong way. She was abused by her Mum- I saw the pictures she took of her beaten up face. She was going to go to the police, but her Mum said if she did, she would be taken away. A direct quote from Sally: "I can take it, I'm a strong girl. Besides, I can't live without my PS3."

I did not have it so well with my own Mum and Pop. My Mum- I disliked her. It felt like she was pushing Christianity into me. I was a secret Atheist back then, but I only told Sebby((who was also secretly an atheist)) and my therapist- which was a mistake. I told her why I was an atheist and why I was bisexual, and she told my Mum. She said privacy isn't a privilege for children under 16. I'm still mad at her for it. Sally was a bad influence on me. But I didn't care.


Graham didn't care. He said that depression is who I am. He wasn't that bad. He just didn't care. Not much to say about him; still was a pretty good friend.


Now we shall go into my deep dark secrets. I was atheist, bisexual, and I hung around people who encouraged those things, and my stories. I wrote yaoi and yuri stories..... Like the pictures, I regret them. I stopped when my friend/secret crush Matt held himself crying on cam with me. A boy named Josh had written a yaoi story about Matt being raped by wolves, and they all just laughed at him... I was very stressed out. 

And when my father figure Tyler was cheating on his girlfriend((who tried to be a mother figure for me)) with another ((who I didn't like as much; I still don't like her, but i forgive her, I guess.)), I was broken. I never heard from either girl. I had told a whole group with the girl he was cheating on the other with, and I was crying and begging Tyler not to hit me, or hate me like my parents. One boy Asch had asked me to go for a bit, since I was the reason for everyone fighting((I was the baby, everybody wanted to be my family; never in my life had I felt so loved... I miss them all.)) and that they needed to sort this out.

I will end this for now... It feels so good, but why do I want to cry so badly?

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