Project: Story Of My Life

This is all my work: from drawings, to music, to writing.

I am Angel Jewel, and I want to show you the real me. Story of MY Life.


2. 7th Grade Confessions

I dislike a lot of things; people who joke around about other's suffering? I dislike people like that the most. 


When I was in 7th grade((which was last school year 2012-2013)), there was this new kid, uh- let's just call him Sebby. Sebby was really nice and sweet the beginning of the year. I liked that Sebby a lot. But over the course of the school year, he turned into a real dick. I blame it on my ex-best friend- lets call HER Tori. She was narcissistic, perverted, a liar, ugh just thinking about her makes my skin crawl. She was friends with me so she could make herself feel better about her looks. I'm really ugly; I've known that MY WHOLE LIFE. She was pretty, but at least I wasn't a unibrow away from looking like a caveman. And she had a gut; it wasn't big, but it was there. So she used me to feel better about herself and I have a theory that she passed off my drawings as her own. I have forgiven her too many times, I let her push me around, and I was tired of it. She even claimed that she had bigger "boobs" than me((ok, to be honest, she had A-cups and I was a D38 then. -.-)) and asked the guys at our table who was hotter. They both said me((which I was like REALLY shocked)) but she ignored it. She claims her the favourite of everybody over me, but everybody thought she was an annoying little twit. I had talked to her in 6th grade because I felt BAD that everyone was being mean to her. I even stood up for her! I gave more than I thought I did, and she never face back. She stole my crush((who he dumped her for me actually.)), she didn't care. She thought she could get everything she wanted; but I gave no more. The day she left my school I was sooooo happy. 


But off of Tori. Sebby became 10x worse than Tori. When she was gone, he targeted me: Sexually, Physicially, and Verbally. He literally tried to make out with me 2 to 3 times.  The last time he grabbed my Girly part. And I feel ashamed, since I thought he was my actual friend. Some girls stood up for me and took me to the guidance office. When I came to the lunch table Sebby asked me what was going on, and I was too scare to tell him that I was telling on him. Kids in elementary school called me a snitch- I just couldn't face through that rejectment again. That went throughout the whole school year, and he only got suspended for one blasted week! 


That is why I'm homeschooled. I had bad friends. I'll tell you about the rest if I feel like it. Does it always feel this good to let it out? 

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