The Misfortunes of Science

Professor Garry Oxlong is a scientist who has built the TimeWatch Guardian. Read this Sc-Fi epic to find out the world it gets him into.


7. Part 7

Chapter 7


Garry anxiously looked around the room, and spotted their TimeWatch Guardian encased in a glass container in the corner to the right of them, guarded by two guards.  Their beautiful tantalum plated wonder of modern engineering.  The amount of work and expense that went into making that masterpiece -  how could he have let some idiots in suits catch up with him?  He felt so foolish.  He was so...

“WAKE UP!!!” Roared the Boss.  His eyes and face had turned red with rage, scaring Axel out of his mind.  Garry wondered what all the fuss was about, but Axel gave him a quick heads up not to day-dream again.  Garry understood.  He didn’t want to anger the Boss anymore than he had done already.  He had a feeling that if he carried on being careless like this, he would not see the end of the day.


The Boss continued talking for about half an hour, but Garry was more focused on formulating a plan to get out.  He told his ingenious plan to Axel, by tapping his leg, indicating to the gun in between the guard’s side and the TimeWatch Guardian.  Axel understood. Garry leaped from the chair, grabbed the gun, and pointed it at the guard’s head while Axel ran to the device and grabbed it from the container, keeping hold of the polished glass cover.  The servant in the corner screamed, but Garry quickly turned and shot her in the chest, and then in the back of the neck as she fell of her chair and died, screaming in agony, as blood stained the pale green carpet. Adrenaline had taken over.  The Boss remained calm as Garry instructed him to stand up, raise his hands and drop the gun.  Axel ran back over to Garry with the device and said “Back to the office sir?  Five minutes ago, perhaps?”

“No,” replied Garry swiftly, “First we have to find out what their little ‘game’ is.  When was the operation created?”  He said to the Boss.

“May last year.” He replied, looking angered at Garry.

“I want an exact date.”

“The 18th.”

“And the place?”

“Right here in this office.” At this point Garry, feeling supreme power surging through him, ordered the Boss into the kitchen and swiftly bolted the door.

“Excellent.  Axel, send us to the 18th of May 3563, in this office - but in that corner over there so we aren’t spotted, eh lad?”

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